My New Spymobile and Other District News

This was caught zooming around Chinatown (DCist)

Metro sucks, will continue to suck for the next three years (Washington Post)

Obama still won’t attend caps game, reaffirms hockey as the whitest sport ever (DCist)

Now cyclists have new places to run stop signs and red lights (Penn Quarter Living)

Turns out most basement apartment rentals in DC are illegal, renters discuss tax evasion methods in comments  (Prince of Petworth)

Tomorrow is the last chance to vote for the Best of DC! Show your support for your favorite places in the District (14th and You)

Please, not another effing cupcake store

I just can’t do it.  I like cupcakes, I do. They are snack-sized, have a multitude of frosting/cake options, you can make them resemble animals, people, hello-kitty Japanese creatures and things (exhibit cupcake-milano-dog-bear).

But little hipster chefs of the world, why the neglect of other dessert snacks? Why not a pie shop, a pastry shop, a scone and muffin boutique, a cookie stand with a different accompanying milkshake of the day? Honestly, now that I think about it, why not just a delicious, good old fashioned bakery??  Snacks aren’t clothes you know, a damn fine chocolate shake will always be in style. So my hipster, I think you should open a delicious pie shop in DC, near me, because I am lazy. My reasons are…

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Welcome. Bienvenue. Добро пожаловать. Bienvenidos.

Welcome to my little blog. This is basically a blog of things I would love to buy in DC, but often do not buy in DC because I am not made of money. It is also a blog to showcase the creativity and irreverent style that DC has to offer if you know where to look. DC may not be known for style, but it has much more than people often give it credit for. This I know.

Most of the entries will showcase lovely things from places around my area of the city, U Street Corridor, Columbia Heights, North Dupont, Logan Circle, Shaw, Mount Pleasant, because I am lazy. There will be plenty of pictures and only some text, because I am not good at describing things.  Visit often, comment if you feel like it, and above all, continue loving to consume things. It’s the American way.

(OH. and my header photo is from Ohad’s photoblog: It was taken on a section of 14th street near U Street that has since been renovated quite a bit. The wall was repainted right after the photo was taken)