Happy International Women’s Day

We’re equals, aren’t we 007?

In one of the best videos honoring International Women’s Day, Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig deliver a poignant assessment of challenges facing women’s equality. You should watch:


There are few things I care more about in this world than women’s rights. We have come far in the fight for women’s equality. However, despite our exceptional progress, challenges persist. Women continue to be vulnerable to domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment both in the United States and abroad. Honor killings are real. Women seek asylum. Caregivers are not given the support and recognition they deserve. In the workforce, women are  paid less and hold fewer executive positions. Single mothers fear losing their job in order to take time for their child, while new mothers fear the same for having theirs.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, take the time to honor of the women who inspire you. It is the least we can do.


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