DC hates nature but you don’t have to!

Not the best week for DC and nature. Actually, not really a good time for nature in general. As you know, things have been dying in great quantities basically everywhere:

This is never a good sign in movies. Some of these phenomena have been explained, while others remain a mystery. However, our nature ravaging in DC is never a mystery, it’s always idiots doing stupid things like flushing birth control down the toilet. Earlier this month, Police found 6000 pounds of illegally caught rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay, the largest single haul seized in 25 years. The rockfish is Maryland’s state fish and its population is closely monitored, so poaching like this hurts both small fisherman and sustainability. The reward for finding the poachers is $7000, so look for a guy with a fish in his pocket.

DC Hunters are also encroaching on the C&O Canal suburban areas, worrying neighbors who put put their lives in hands of the “duck police” to ensure they don’t get shot enjoying their morning nature walk.

But fear not dear readers, you can give back to our little polluted and scorched environs because this week is….THE ANNUAL AUDUBON GREAT BACKYARD BIRD COUNT!!!! I mean, come on, look how fun birds are!!!!

The third picture is my idiot brother. He actually studies bird behavior and if he wasn’t currently in Hawaii being helicoptered into the rainforest to study some endangered species HE WOULD BE PARTICIPATING. So help our feathered friends. I even have an extra pair of binoculars if anyone wants one.

You think I'm boring?

The count starts this Friday, February 18, and goes through the weekend until February 21. Here is what you do: tally birds in your yard, neighborhood or wherever for at least fifteen minutes . Then you enter the highest number of each species seen at any one time and submit the info here: http://www.birdsource.org. Audubon society then compiles the information from everyone all over the U.S. so we can see what birds we have! They give you checklists to help you identify things. You could do a count every day if you want.

Look. Last year they got 97,200 checklists, with every state represented. They found out the most common birds, as well as some birds (like gulls!) that have gone missing! For all the earth gives us, it’s the least you could do. Details here.

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