Yikes: DC baggage handler rescued from cargo hold only when screams heard

So, I am sort of obsessed with how little airline employees are paid. Mostly because they control my life in 5 hour installments at least 4 times a year, and I would prefer they were paid more than, I don’t know, this person:

Perez Hilton - for those fortunate not to know

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, the average U.S. Airways pilot starts at like $25,000, and the average starting major airline salary is $35,000. (1) that’s low, (2) its especially low when you consider mid-career regional pilots have to start at major airlines entry level (3) COME ON U.S. Airways. Though surprisingly, Southwest pays its starting pilots the most – close to 50K. Who knew?  You can read more about it here if so inclined.

San Maarten: One of the hardest landings in the world. Wonder why?

SO how does this relate to news in DC this year, you ask? WELL, I was checking google news for DC based happenings today, when I found out via the Daily Mail that a baggage handler at Reagan-National got TRAPPED in the cargo hold crawl space (about 37 inches high) while loading passenger bags. The grounds crew didn’t know he was in there, shut the door and started tugging the plane out to the runway for take off.

nice digs

He was  only rescued when passengers and crew heard his “yelling and pounding” from inside the aircraft, and grounds crew noticed he was missing. The plane was on route to Connecticut. Nightmare. So, I just wanted to point that out, you know, next time you complain about your job or how airline internet is “too slow.” Basically, watch this:


Amazing. Be happy. And make airline employees happier by advocating for better wages. They deserve it.

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