Who are DC’s best residents?

So we have decided to do something incredibly dangerous and unreasonably irresponsible. We are going to rely on you, the theoretical readers, to help complete an upcoming blog post. Yes the same readers that have sent no fewer than three death threats, accused spy of being something that rhymes with “bunt” and apparently think Christians are an oppressed minority.

It's amazing what Google Images spits out

So what is the glorious task your motherblog requires of you? We are attempting to write about the top 5 DC residents, and want to make sure we have as deep a pool as possible. DC is home to world-famous authors, journalists, personalities, chefs and more — and we want to be sure we celebrate them.  However there is a bit of a catch; we really want to stay away from mentioning politicos. Why?

  1. It’s cheating as most of these people are only here on the short-term, and almost all of them bitch publicly about how they’d rather be in their podunk district.
  2. It just confirms how nerdy we are — a stereotype some of us would like to revise, if not abolish completely.

So we need you, our readers, to start submitting your favorite citizens. We make no promise to use your suggestions — and may even mock them — but we want to make sure no stone is left unturned. In addition to the above criteria, here are a few other helpful hints:

  • Anyone with the last name “Obama” is disqualified
  • The Salahi’s absolutely don’t count. If your submissions are such big fame whores that they’d be willing to be interviewed by this blog, they certainly don’t belong.
  • For the love of God no pundits.
  • If a single “Real Housewife” is mentioned, I’ll throw myself out a window.

With all that out of the way, please feel free to send your submission to ispythingsdc@gmail.com, or just leave them as a comment. We’ll be posting later this week — or next — or whenever we get around to it.


2 thoughts on “Who are DC’s best residents?

  1. David Alpert – Greater Greater Washington.
    In three years, his blog has become a must-read in DC. Pretty amazing, I think.

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