The Great Washington Auto Show Advertising Debate of 2011

So as you all know, I SPY did not have a post yesterday. Normally the culprit of such omissions is either my laziness or complete lack of time management skills (i.e. this 5pm post), but not yesterday. Oh no, yesterday was the result of a great DEBATE between Ironcityspy and DCspy over the merits of this Washington Auto Show (it’s going on now!) commercial:


Actually THIS is the main commercial but you can’t embed it. It’s worse. Anyways, I entrusted the post to Ironcityspy, assuming he would talk about how absolutely awful this commercial is. In my mind, only DC could make fast, expensive concept cars seem budget and lame. It is also just not funny. At all. God, I got through like 10 seconds. SO, picture my dismay when Ironcityspy presented me a post in which he endorsed that abomination of an ad! He contends it is a bit different, more ironic, less machismo, and submitted the following evidence in his defense:


Granted, that’s dismal. But it’s also kind of AWESOME awful. At least it wasn’t trying to be that “I love the 90s” guy vibe, unlike the current commercial. He also analogized it to the stupidity of Coors Light commercials. You know, the ad abortions where it is a coach “talking” to guys about Coors Light by inserting sound bytes from press conferences, but the only sound bytes they ever find are “yes,” “maybe,” “hard to tell,” or other stupid innocuous things so that it is not clever at all??? Fine, I can admit that those are stupid and broseph-oriented as well. However, somehow, in trying to be irreverent, the Washington Auto Show ended up being just as intolerable.

So I throw it to you readers. Thoughts? Do you endorse the ad???

2 thoughts on “The Great Washington Auto Show Advertising Debate of 2011

  1. Both ads made me supremely ashamed to be a human being. I may never be able to wear my white jacket and stethoscope ever again. As for Ovechkin, he really should be either torturing political prisoners or selling salamanders to trout fisherman somewhere in Appalachia.

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