Werner Herzog reads Where’s Waldo and DC news roundup

Confession. I was so busy this afternoon that I forgot about I SPY. I know, I know. How could one forget a thing that enlightens so many??? Well, fear not. SPY has returned bearing gifts, namely 5 lines of marginally interesting news and a video of Werner’s Herzog reading Where’s Waldo. What can I say, the bar is low. Enjoy:


His reading of Madeline is also excellent. AND here is some DCish news:

  • National map of shame. It basically lists one awful thing each state excels at. DC didn’t make the map. Why? Because we top too many categories. Seriously. Go for the gold!!! (DCist)
  • Vactican tells people to “be themselves” on the internet. Well, unless you molest children, then you can just be a Cardinal (Kotaku)
  • WMATA is taking suggestions for a new metro car layout. Do I hear slip n’ slide??? (WaPo)
  • It might…SNOW TOMORROW!!! AHHHHH! CHAOS!!! I think that’s the appropriate DC response (NBC)
  • Track work on the red line. rinse. repeat. (TBD)

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