Has a show ever jumped the shark faster than Glee?

So, as an equal opportunity employer, I figured I would follow up my attack on video games with an attack on Glee. I’ll just get to the point: Glee is unwatchable. The Britney episode was unwatchable. The lack of plot is unwatchable and many of the show tune-y pop songs are unwatchable. Especially those with rap. To be honest,  one of my favorite clips is the safety dance sequence from the first season, and they don’t even sing:


However, the sad thing about Glee is it wasn’t always that way. The beginning of Glee held a great deal of promise, the lines were witty, the characters were lovable, Sue Sylvester was a popular secondary character, Kurt’s defying gravity was wonderful, and the plot was…existent. But somehow, about 2/3 through the first season, they decided to abandon the story altogether. Kurt stopped struggling with his sexuality, Shu’s relationships became contrived, and the club members just swapped significant others. What was once plot-advancing dialogue, became dialogue simply to set up individual musical numbers.

random musical number

The logical conclusion of this devolution was the Britney episode. This week, they were all randomly told to go to the “local dentist” after the dentist came in to talk to glee club (wtf) and his anesthesia produced “Britney fantasies.” Yeah. We watched them go to the dentist. Between dental appointments, they overused cheerleader Britney’s ridiculous lines to the point they weren’t funny anymore (her actual name is Britney S. Pears, get it?!), showed that Rachel was still insecure (shock), and Shu bought a car to be a rebel (boring). Kurt didn’t even get an effing Britney number.

Britney and Britney (snooze)

So am I going to continue to watch Glee? Probably not. But I am a bit sad about it. I actually LIKE musicals. I like the idea of a glee club and snarky dialogue. However, I feel that the show somehow managed to jump the shark on everything. The lines, the characters, the musical numbers and the psuedo-plot are all tired. The nuance of the beginning is gone. So I am sorry Glee, but I feel we need to take a break. We are just in different places.

4 thoughts on “Has a show ever jumped the shark faster than Glee?

  1. awwww sad! I haven’t seen Britney-week, but I thought the season premiere was awesome! I loved that Sue was trying to corrupt Shu. Also, thought that new guy did an awesome job with Billionaire and hello Sunshine Corazon with the crazy voice. I’ll agree though, Rachel is a tiny bit out of control – the voice and the looks aren’t going to keep her from being annoying for too much longer. I do HEART uncle jesse! Time to get Kurt back for another Beyonce number with Beiste and the football team!

  2. I couldn’t agree more and I am de-va-sta-ted by it. I am crazy about Glee but when they f*d up the Madonna episode I knew its time had come. Just like that one, they totally blew the Britney episode, which had so much promise! I guess it’s just another example of a peak too sooner. Sigh. (All that being said, I’m still going to watch. Eventually they have to have another great song… right?)

  3. I can’t say I disagree about the disappearance of plot and character development, but it offers enough brainless fun and magic pixiedust to keep me coming back. That’s all I’ve ever really expected from Glee! There is so much great TV out there where I get plenty of plot and characters, all of which are VERY different than this show (Mad Men, Dexter, even Modern Family). Doesn’t kill me to set the DVR and watch it, whenever. Can’t think of anything that is on against it.

    I’m more bitter about the downslide of “Weeds”. That one has fallen right into the Great White’s mouth.

  4. Yes, Glee has sadly jumped the shark. I was getting tired of the non-storylines, but the Christmas episode was just awful. they basically put a show together just so they would have a Christmas album to share.

    Then I came to the realization that Glee is basically just a cover band. Why do people buy these albums? When you listen to the original artists singing the songs, they are much better.

    There is an small upside though. I have to admit I’ve been exposed to artists I had never listened to before. And, the mash-ups can be interesting in a good way. But is that a show?

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