Oh no they didn’t: InStyle Magazine takes recession-friendly fashion to a new low

So as my readers know, I read a lot of fashion and gossip magazines. During my younger and more insecure days, I used to be ashamed of this, hiding my People or Us Weekly between the pages of my Economist, pretending to read about aftermath of the Orange Revolution while really just judging Britney’s hideous extensions. However, now that I am older and increasingly apathetic, I have learned to embrace my love of stupid magazines. I heart women’s magazines. I read them ALL THE TIME. Given my devotion, I can spot trends.

One of these trends is recession-friendly fashion. Yes magazines, we get it. People have less money, so you are trying to promote affordable solutions to staying in fashion: do-it-yourself options, revamping your closet, bedazzling tank tops etc. I generally support your efforts. That is, until I saw THIS:

WHA?! Are you serious?! First of all, everything paired with the sweatpants is ridiculously expensive. I would never pair a $487 sparkly tanktop and $298 feather clutch with effing SWEATPANTS. Second of all, if you had little money, how much more depressed would you feel going out in sweatpants? Do they come with a pint of ice cream? They are even in light grey, the saddest color of sweatpants.

Third, InStyle magazine broke a fundamental fashion rule. No matter how poor or sad you are, you never mix home clothes with outside clothes. Home clothes are sweatpants, free t-shirts and croc-like shoes. They are the clothes of couches, no makeup and fug bun. If you are strapped for cash, you don’t want to look like you couldn’t afford jeans, you want cheap jeans that look designer. Nobody feels pretty in stupid sweatpants. Fashion FAIL.

(Oh and as I know many dudes read this blog, I apologize for the fashion-heavy posts of late. Back to restaurants and news tomorrow)

3 thoughts on “Oh no they didn’t: InStyle Magazine takes recession-friendly fashion to a new low

  1. Finally, my dream of looking fashionable while eating a half rack of ribs and wearing a plastic bib comes to fruition! Huzzah!

  2. so glad you finally posted this, although i’m sad you didn’t link to your earlier post about peep-toe booties (needed in case we overheat from wearing sweatpants in september?). i’m just holding out until h&m releases its knockoff version.

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