Following Kermit: 8 things the Smithsonian should also acquire

So yesterday the Washington Post reported that the original Kermit the Frog toy, complete with ping pong ball eyes and coat-fabric arms, has been given to the Smithsonian museum. Apparently being green, although difficult, has its perks. After Wikipedia-ing for a socially unacceptable period of time, I discovered that Kermit was not the first of his pop-culture brethren to be immortalized at the museum. He joins the ranks of Mr. Rogers sweater, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, and Howdy Doody (among others) as children’s pop culture icons.

Kermit the Frog saving print media

Hm. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Kermie as much as the next person. However, in my opinion, if the Smithsonian wants to really sum up the essence of childhood wonder and innovation, they need to add a few more things to the list. They also need to torch a few (cough, teletubbies). Here are some things to add:

  1. The Sesame Street HIV positive puppet. The AIDS episode was revolutionary and controversial. It’s part of the reason why sesame street is simply the best. That and she likely succumbed by now.
  2. Literally everything from the Labyrinth. David Bowie + 1980s puppets = magical. Done.
  3. An R.O.U.S. from the Princess Bride. Although I don’t think they exist. My dear sweet Westley. Inigo Montoya. The Cecilian. Miracle Max. Humperdinck. God that movie ruled.
  4. Ghostbusters Proton Packs: Ironcityspy’s life is defined by this film. Bill Murray’s life is defined by this film. He would argue that this is not coincidental
  5. An original My Little Pony Flutterpony toy with wings in tact. This is more a challenge than a pop culture reference. Those flutterpony wings were the cheapest things ever, and broke whenever you tried to make them flap. It’s a goddamn flutterpony. It needs to flutter. I challenge the Smithsonian to find one (out of the box) in tact.
  6. A piece of the Jurassic park gate with the Mr. DNA video playing on repeat. Actually, they should just make a Steven Spielberg corner with Indie’s hat and whip, E.T. and everything else he did to make childhood magical. I’d rather see that than Julia Child’s effing kitchen.
  7. Willie Wonka’s top hat and jacket. ONLY the original. Nobody does creepy and spectacular better than Gene Wilder.
  8. The LAMP from A Christmas Story. It was a major award.

Who is the actress with David Bowie???

Now, I concede this list is endless. I omitted TGIF, Delorean, the Neverending Story, and Star Wars (I wasn’t going to touch that). There are also no cartoons, because still frames make bad museum artifacts. However, these are 8 key pieces of (mostly) my childhood and my childhood was glorious.

Anyone have a more magical top five?

10 thoughts on “Following Kermit: 8 things the Smithsonian should also acquire

  1. A little impractical, I know, but I would love to see One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship from The Goonies.

    Failing that, I’d settle for some of his treasure, or Data’s chattering teeth grappling hook.

  2. Believe it or not, I have a completely intact Flutterpony (maybe even 2). I loved MLP as a kid and collected boxes and boxes of them, though I also had near-OCD about them (hence the intactness). Great reference!

  3. what! Bravo!!! You should donate it to the museum. I broke all of mine the day I got them. Such trauma. And, contrary to my mother’s insistence, the sea ponies were not adequate replacements

  4. I have multiple ROUS’s near my house on account of a crazy bird lady for a neighbor who throws bird seed all over the sidewalk. It attracts every creature except birds.
    1. Crocodile Dundee’s knife
    2. The rope Otis used to rescue Milo from the pit
    3. Four masks: red, orange, purple, and blue
    4. Some Reese’s Pieces
    5. Bat-signal lamp

  5. milo and otis! I didn’t know anyone else watched that movie. loved it. good call. I also like how reese’s pieces belong at the Smithsonian.

  6. THE LABYRINTH! Sometimes I still try to “juggle” with any ball that is clear/crystal. David Bowie rocked my 3 year old world. I need to go download that soundtrack right now.

  7. You can actually see a replica of the “A Christmas Story” lamp at Solly’s U St. Tavern at the corner of 11th and (yup) U St. NW. Second floor, behind the bar, to the very right. Complete with fishnets and fringe!

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