Obama attends a Mystics game: Ouch Caps fans

So apparently President Obama and his youngest (Sasha) attended a Washington Mystics game this weekend. For those that have never heard of the Mystics (likely), this is DC’s very own WNBA team. For those that have never heard of the WNBA (sadly, still likely), here you are. All and all, this is a very nice story. Obama, a renowned basketball fan took his daughter to watch the sport’s best female players. A very nice gesture that perhaps more fathers with girls interested in basketball should do.

Enjoying something other than the Caps

But that’s not what I thought of when I heard the news. No, as it so often does, my mind went immediately to the indignity that the Washington Capitals must be feeling. You see, the Washington Capitals have been lobbying, unsuccessfully, for Obama to attend one game since he has taken office. ONE GAME! There is even a fan-site dedicated purely to this task. Defenders of Obama say the President is far too busy with running our republic to spend the evening at the Verizon center, but consider this:

  • Obama attended a Wizards game last year. The Wizards, by the by, finished the seasons 26-56
  • Obama has thrown out the last two first pitches for the Nationals (59-102 in 2009).
  • Obama attended a Georgetown game. Granted, it was against Duke, but college basketball in this city is hardly on the same level as hockey.

Dressed surprisingly like a hockey fan

Still, all of this is defensible. The President has never pretended to be a hockey fan, so it would make sense attending a Caps game would not be high on his priority list. But this is different. He consistently passed up arguably the most important team in this city (and also most successful) to watch a WNBA GAME!

I am sorry, but if Hockey is the Yugo of the American Sport consciousness, then the WNBA is the short-bus that thought it would be a great idea to give all of it’s passengers kazoos. I mean, are the Mystics even any good? How the hell should I know, it’s the WNBA. I tried looking up their standings, and after nearly 10  minutes on their website, I gave up and eventually found them on Yahoo sports. Quick aside; if anyone can successfully tell me where they hide their standings, you get a free XL shark week t-shirt!  Anyway, 15 – 10 — 3rd place in their division. Certainly not bad, but hardly world-beaters

Obama, I hate the Caps about as thoroughly as a man can possibly hate anything. But at this point, all of hockeydom is starting to look bad. So please, for the sake of this blog, change course and attend a Caps game for at least a period. If you like, I can come with you and explain what icing is. God know I’ll be the only one in the arena who can.


7 thoughts on “Obama attends a Mystics game: Ouch Caps fans

  1. Good post. However, I would hope this should be a chicken-egg scenario and Obama could be the reason the Wizards and Nationals have maintained losing records (typical Washington Sports Fan hypothesizing). Particularly agreed with the dig at Cap’s fan knowledge of the sport (re: definition of icing).

    I am thoroughly surprised that Training Camp has begun and the IronCitySpy has elected to write a post on the Mystics. I guess its indicative of the boring time between end of Hockey/College Basketball and the beginning of the Football Season

  2. I will have a training camp/preseason projection out in the next week or so. The Stalinist blog owner only allows me a quota of sports posts.

  3. First of all, you are free to post whenever you wish, to lessen the burden on ME. Secondly, you cannot give out a Shark Week t-shirt that has already been offered in a previous contest. The results of that contest will be given on Friday. No sooner because I am lazy.

    Happy Shark Week!

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  5. The other good thing about this post was that it was slightly relevant; compared with the other Obama musings. Which are usually where he bought a burger or where Michelle decided to get her nails done. If I want to know what stadium to follow a losing baseball team in, Ill confer with Barack, other than that, not interested.

    (insert Orioles joke here)

  6. I would just like to point out that this is hardly a downtime for sports. 5 of the 6 division races in baseball are within 3 games. 4 teams are within 5 games of the National League Wild Card. The only thing ‘boring’ right now is listening to more and more talk about Albert Haynesworth and Darrelle Revis. It will not matter whether those two take the field today or tomorrow — they will be in uniform by Labor Day — and that is all that matters.

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