The Best Email Thread Ever and a DC News Roundup

Okay, confession. I MIGHT have just done a news roundup to draw your attention to this hilarious office email thread concerning Missy the cat. I don’t know if it’s “real,” nor do I care. Just CLICK it. It was from the same guy that brought you the spider thread. It’s amazing.

In other news, it was a drama-filled week at the National Zoo. Sadly, the Zoo’s 3-week old red panda cub died yesterday. Poor little guy, he never received half the notoriety of his giant panda house-mate and now he is gone. However, in order to brighten the mood, DCist was kind enough to pass on some pics of the new Madagascar hedgehog tenrecs that were born….


…. as well as this video of the clouded leopard cubs!! Get ready for your daily dose of adorable:


And now some news around town:

  • We Love DC takes on DC park myths. Rock Creek Park owns Central Park. DC has tons of park space I had never heard of. SCORE.
  • From a one man Lord of the Rings, to a Sex Ed Burlesque, to a Pi-themed musical (yes the number) there is a reason the Capital Fringe Festival is called ‘fringe.’ It started yesterday! Check it out!
  • Metro has plan to reduce Orange crush at Rosslyn” – Whoever writes these headlines for the Washington Post needs to be shot.
  • The late Senator Byrd’s staff has 2 months to pack up 51 years of crap. Seems about right.

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