Masa 14: Latin + Asian – club music = lovely brunch

So as you know, I rarely do restaurant reviews on ispy. Mostly because I would classify myself as more of a “snack enthusiast” than a “foodie.” However, Masa 14 legitimately surprised me, so I had to DISCUSS.  You see, I was suspicious of Masa at first. I mean, it’s Latin-Asian fusion, which is inherently dubious due to the word “fusion” and becomes even more dubious when it’s applied to brunch, and it’s also MUY trendy, which basically means stupid music and long wait times. So yes, I braced myself… 

Suspiciously modern LAMPS

 … for no reason. Okay, SPY was wrong. We got to Masa 14 at 11:30am on Sunday and were seated immediately. Point. The normally abrasive club music was turned down to a nice volume, so that I could enjoy my alcoholic mango-blood orange breakfast beverage in peace. Another point. Finally, since Masa 14 serves SMALL PLATES (my favorite), I could try numerous things, like THIS: 


(photos of 2 random Masa 14 menu items: too busy snacking to take a pic) 

Best of POINTS. My favorite brunch plates were the the cerrano ham flatbread and the quiche of the day (oaxaca cheese-shrimp-red pepper), while the runner up was the pan dulce, which is a bit sweet given the pineapple topping, but delicious if you like that sort of thing. Underwhelming? The beef sliders and the smoked salmon omelet. They were just…okay. 

God. I knew I should have gone with the tuna sliders. I mean, my head said beef but my heart said, well, 


SNACK AWAY THE PAIN. Enrique is Latin-Asian fusion. Well, Spanish-Filipino (and Spain sort of owned the Philippines so it barely counts, but honestly who else is there?). He loves tuna sliders. And knit hats in the desert. Go to Masa 14.

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