So apparently M Street Spa gives happy endings

Yes! SPIES in the news!  

DCist loves spies

DCist reports that M Street Spa in Dupont (at 19th and M Streets NW), was busted last week for prostitution. A sting operation arrested two people, an employee for soliciting ladies of the night and an owner for basically running a whorehouse.  M Street Spa is next to Naturally Yogurt, House of Kabob, and Camelot the strip club. Hmm, which one would be a clue??  

Oh, and I know what you are thinking. No, despite my skills with a magnifying glass, your beloved SPY was not involved in this sting operation. Some people are just too naturally classy to make a convincing ho.  

Undercover SPY in a what looks like a whore-barn

However, if given the chance, I would have solved the mystery instantly.  I mean it’s a spa,  on the 3rd floor of a townhouse, next to a strip club and has NO yelp reviews? Seriously, what place has no yelp reviews?  

No word as to what will happen to the owner and employee. If I pay attention to the story later, I will let you know. However, it’s highly unlikely. I am lazy and never claimed to be a journalist.

2 thoughts on “So apparently M Street Spa gives happy endings

  1. DCspy should have a contest for readers to post yelp reviews. Best one can win some sort of worthless prize. IronCityspy will judge them.

  2. wonderous idea in theory, but I have like the least participatory readers ever. They fail me in all class participation exercises. However, here it is readers, the virgin yelp page:

    Though it’s pretty much the only thing virgin about M Street Spa! ZING! Sorry, it was right there.

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