Exploring Room & Board, the most fancy of IKEAs

So awhile back I blogged about 14th Street’s vintage furniture stores. I also blogged about rckndy, a very cool décor store at U and 15th streets. SO now, to solidify14th street’s status as the mecca of DC furniture, I am blogging about their contemporary furniture stores, starting with the newest addition: Room and Board.

A 4-story furniture warehouse at 14th and T streets, Room and Board’s layout is basically IKEA. Namely, tons and tons of different model rooms with furniture displayed, including a beautiful outdoor patio on the top floor to display the outdoor furniture options. The building itself was actually built in 1919 and used as a Ford Model T showroom.  Some pics of their style:


Nice no? Very good staples. However, unlike IKEA, this furniture is not built for the transient. There are different upholstery options, it’s not assemble-yourself, and the nice leather chairs are closer to $800 than $200. So as poor SPY in a nice store, I basically spent my time trying out every chair and sofa, in a sort of mental ‘form v. function’ cost-benefit analysis.

My conclusion? An early-1960s Mad Men inspired living room is simultaneously the most awesome looking and the most uncomfortable, while nothing beats a hideous old-man leather recliner for comfort. You’re welcome.

Uncomfortable but so bewitchingly stylish!

 Anyways, after like 45 minutes, I found myself simultaneously coveting a new DC townhouse to decorate (so many color palette options!) and Swedish meatballs. NO, don’t hate on the meatballs. They are delicious and you probably haven’t tried them so have no right to judge.

With Swedish lingonberry snacks!

God, now I am hungry. Crappy breakfast yogurt time. Happy Monday!

Room and Board, 1840 14th St. NW, DC, 20009, 202-729-8300, website (with more pics!)

2 thoughts on “Exploring Room & Board, the most fancy of IKEAs

  1. I spent the day touring Danish libraries, and let me tell you, IKEA design is awesome. As are Swedish meatballs. What’s less awesome? Danish prices.

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