SPY sports recap and some district news

Okay. I am not going to even pretend this is a legit post. The US is playing Slovenia as I write this and I need to watch it in the office cafeteria.  At my office Americans are in the minority, so in order to be as obnoxious as possible one of our supporters downloaded a vuvuzela iphone app (oh yes, it exists).

A USA victory would round out an awesome sports week for SPY. My other ethnic half, the Serb White Eagles, defeated Germany this morning in a brilliant display of Balkan athleticism. Stupid Germany. Every kid ever that studied abroad in Germany is obsessed with Germany and they always seem to be around me. “Oh, Deutschland is just so efficient and Germans are so witty, oh, this beer isn’t warm, it’s so weird, I have to get used to the taste of cold beer now.” PUNCH. Oh, but one thing they never really mention?

1940s? Bueller?

Hmmm. Yeah. Moving on. AND then the Lakers won. I know, lay on the Laker haterade. Look, my family had season tickets to the Lakers back in the 1990s when Kobe was just a young little thing. THEN the Kobe explosion happened and nobody could afford them anymore. However, that aside, the Lakers are MY HOMETOWN and I support them. The game was awesome, Boston LOST, deal with it. Thug life Artest, who incidentally, has the best Wikipedia page EVER, thanked his hood then his psychiatrist, in that order. Brilliant.

Artest in his hot tub habitat

Yeah, so since this post is dying fast. Here is some district news:

  • Strasburg makes his third opening appearance tonight. DC sports fans help me out, did Strasmus refer to his debut or is it an ongoing religious event, like Lent? (WaPo)
  • All but one of Pentagon City Mall’s 30 restaurants have been cited for “critical health violations” with vermin sightings. Ew. Rat sandwich anyone? (Examiner)
  • Local resident was offered millions for his crappy townhouse during the bubble. He held out for more. Idiot (WaPo)
  • Study abroad in Asia? Like movies? It’s your day. The Hong Kong film festival is in town (PoP)

Happy happy weekend!

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