Free and delicious things to do around town (6/17-6/20)


Chocolate and Italian festivals. Perfection. Just a quick head’s up on some events in the District (6/17-6/20):

  • Tonight: It’s Third Thursday for 14th Street and Logan circle! All the boutiques, furniture stores, galleries and restaurants are giving out discounts and/or having promotions. Help support our little community stores by stopping by! 6pm-9pm tonight!
  • Friday: Young and hip, restrain yourselves, the Apple store is opening in Georgetown. Complete with iphones and ipads and tons of people in blue shirts that are always busy but never with helping you. After you pick up your new iphone and appropriately personality-reflecting case, head on over to free jazz in the sculpture garden at the Smithsonian. It always reminds me of summer in DC.
  • Saturday: It’s June Free Sample Day at Biagio Fine Chocolates (18th and T Streets)! Love SAMPLES. Enjoy free wine and chocolate tasting at Biagio and their neighbor A.M. Wine Shoppe, from 3 to 6 pm. OH and check their website every so often. They have a free reception showcasing chocolate artisans on June 24th as well.
  • Sunday: Assuming they are not on your most-hated World Cup list, join DC Italians for the 12th annual Italian Street Festival at Judiciary Square! From 11:30am-5pm, it, like most street festivals, will have Italian booths and food and music and all things that remind you of the motherland. Oh, and ferraris and maseratis, because the Italians are classy like that. Not sure about the CHILDREN factor though.

Oh and watch the World Cup. USA plays Slovenia on Friday.

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