I challenge you, hipster Seersucker Social

self-described "alt-retro socialites" socializing

How? HOW is it so easy to predict these things? Honestly, if someone played a word association game for “fancy hipster garden party” here is what I would have come up with: vintage bicycle, ironic mustache, suspenders, snifter, fancy hats, faux fur. As a test, I also asked ironcityspy his opinion, to which he replied “the Great Gatsby.” Or as we know it, the 2010 DC Dandies and Quaintrelles’ Seersucker Social:

(photos courtesy of DCist)

The Dandies and Quaintrelles is a DC fashion club and the event was this past weekend. Sigh. So much…TRY. Look, I am not saying some of these people don’t look awesome. I mean, who doesn’t admire this commitment? But there is something about the concept: the trendy faux-antique photos from last year’s tweed ride, the finger sandwiches, the croquet, the ray bans, the fact that half of DC owns seersucker for serious, that makes it so… predictable.

The Decemberists would be proud

Afterwards, I half expect them all to ride their tandem bicycles to a food truck, take some vintage-contemporary juxtaposition photos with said truck, and ultimately end up at the Gibson laughing over fancy cocktails.

So with that in mind, my DC fashion avant-guard: I challenge you.

DCspy, the man in black

I challenge you to surprise me. That’s it. Muster your fashion-forwardness and come up with a costume party I could never predict through word association. If you succeed, I will give credit where credit is due and be less curmudgeonly towards your hipster-sensibilities. If you do not, throwback costumes, bicycles and PBR remain fair game.

Good luck, you princes of Maine, you kings of New England. I will be watching.



4 thoughts on “I challenge you, hipster Seersucker Social

  1. god…the Gibson. I hate that place. By far the “pretentious without reason” bar I have been to (or at least one of). I see it as a place where the hipsters who think they arent hipsters and talk shit about fix-ie riding hipsters sit around and drink over priced rubbish.

  2. DC Tweed Ride and the Seersucker Social are organized rides to promote the lifestyle of cycling in the city. Having different themes to these rides are fun and something that does not happen often in the District. Teaming up with WABA and having DDOT’s director at the Seersucker Social also incorporates the transformation of mass transit in the city. Regarding the “hipster” reference, I suppose seeing 40 something year olds with their children at one of these “events” is hipster as well? Between the hipster, scene-ster and preps, I also met an active cyclists who was thrilled to participate in the Tweed ride last fall.

    I challenge you to attend the next ride and hopefully, your perception will be expanded beyond a hipster bike social.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was mostly joking around about the fashion theme of choice, as it blended in perfectly with the NYC hipster scene. With regards to the cause, I actually had no idea it was for a good cause. None of the media (including the dandies website) made it seem like anything more than a fashionable photo op with bicycles. It wasn’t until after the event that the recipient of the proceeds was announced.

    It’s unfortunate, because a costume party for a good cause is much more palatable than a costume party to simply be photographed, especially in such hipster attire. I’d be down next year, if my challenge is answered :)

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