Question of the day: why the eff was a stealth bomber flying over DC?

It’s true. Yesterday, as I was out getting a delicious popcorn snack, I happened to notice a stealth bomber flying over the Washington monument. Yes. A STEALTH EFFING BOMBER. I then snapped this awesome shot:

Next stop, Pulitzer

I know. I can just capture life through a lens. Wait what? Where is the bomber you ask? It’s obviously that tiny spec to the right of the Washington Monument. Whatever. I challenge Annie Leibowitz to do better with an iphone from a car. Also, this guy saw it too.

ANYWAYS, this occurrence leads to 2 possible conclusions 1) the US is testing military aircraft or 2) the Soviets are attacking DC to steal our secrets. It is obviously the latter. However, unlike in the past, our beloved secret weapon is no longer with us:


Sigh. Without a high school quarterback-trained-outdoorsman to lead the rag tag militia that must save us when no one else will, DC will inevitably become a thing of the past. Which is a shame, because I am just too selfish to be a communist.

Will post again later today!

7 thoughts on “Question of the day: why the eff was a stealth bomber flying over DC?

  1. I am suspicious of such remakes. The true Jed is gone and the Chinese just don’t have the je ne sais quoi that the Soviets did.

    Victoria, your style remains impeccable. And your husband can wear the hell out of a dark gray England suit. We envy you.

  2. The Stealth Bomber flew very low over the Navy Yard in DC. It was proceeded by a jet fighter and some type of other aircraft. They were low (about 5000 feet) and I was surprised to see them.

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