Capital Pride this week!!!

Just a quick heads up to my dear readers. Its a BIG weekend here in the District. The World Cup starts Friday, the Jazz Festival continues with events throughout the city, and…. it’s Capital Pride week!!

Celebrate equality!

As a 17th Street resident, I am not surprised by this. The Dupont environs have been prepping for Pride Week for some time. However, in case you want to go to an event or attend the parade (this Saturday), you can find all details here. I don’t have to sell you on the cause. I hate that such thoughtless discrimination still exists in this country (according to HRC, it is legal in 29 states to discriminate in the workplace based on sexual orientation, and in 38 states to do so based on gender identity or expression), but it does, and people should protest. We do have the right to do that.

ALSO, if it wasn’t for the gay community, 14th street, among other up-and-coming neighborhoods in DC, wouldn’t exist. Sorry little hipsters, the gay community has always been a step ahead of you in real estate pioneering. Maybe it’s because they don’t all travel by vintage bicycle.

Such an ironic and hilarious mustache!

And for that, we thank them. Happy Pride Week!

(Oh and the hipster photo was taken from this blog post that photo-chronicles hipster evolution: our little hipster is the Williamsburg specimen)

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