Now that “Strasmas” is over, it’s time for the World Cup!

DCspy is in sunny Los Angeles this week, as her “fluid job situation” allows for quite a bit of traveling. So once more you are left with a sham of a post.

Everyone is still buzzing about Strasmas, aka Steven Strasburg’s debut. I’ll admit, he did marginally well. I had originally planned to write about it today, but every single sentence I wrote was somehow more vile and hateful than the last. Something about watching my beloved but hapless Bucs strike out 14 times, coupled with shots of the crowd squealing with delight, just filled me with indescribable rage. Or more likely it was the idiot color man (because the national broadcast was blacked out)  REPEATEDLY mentioning the umpire “just doesn’t know what a strike is” when Strasburg pitched a rare ball. No asshole, he threw a ball.

Happy Strasmas!

I wouldn’t sleep too well Strasburg. The Pirates will not forget this indiscretion — just look at how we treat racing sausages. To be fair, Guido (the Italian sausage) had it coming.

ANYWAY, now that Strasmas is over, DC sports fans are scrambling to find something to keep them entertained over the next month or so. NBA finals? Doubtful. Stanley Cup? No one wants to see Philly do well. No, there is only one event that is worth our collective time: The World Cup!

Surprisingly not lame symbol

Thanks in large part to awesome commercials such as this, and the proliferation of youth soccer, the cup is finally starting to gain steam in the states. Being that DC is such an international city, it is being shown and hyped everywhere. The DCist has created a very handy guide where people can watch. So, as a way of public service, IronCityspy will review (judge) a random sampling of each place.

  • “Lucky Bar, a long-time favorite of soccer fans, will be showing every game each morning with $4 pints of Yuengling and Carlsberg and breakfast.” – This might be okay during the day, but the few times I’ve been at night the crappy house music and wall-to-wall people made me think I was in a Blade movie
  • Café Citron is open for fans of all South and Central American squads with projection televisions on each floor, $3 beers, and Latin breakfasts, choripan (sausage sandwiches), empanadas, and other delicacies.” – Good God, you couldn’t pay me enough to suffer through a single game here. The combination of loud Latins, atrocious music and the spattering of white kids who studied abroad at X country (that also insist on pronouncing every single word with an exaggerated accent) would literally give me an aneurysm.
  • “Summer’s Restaurant near the Courthouse Metro station in Arlington rightfully boasts their standing as an official U.S. Soccer bar and won a “Best Soccer Bar” award in 2002 — as well as being a personal favorite of more than one DCist soccer contributor. They’ll have all the games, $3.50 pints of Peroni, and breakfasts from around the soccer-mad world each morning. $10 food and drink minimum per person, and a $5 cover charge for America’s opener on Saturday.” — Ah Summers. It’s like coming into a warm house on a cold winter’s day. Something about it is so inviting and perfect. For those uninitiated, Summers looks like a Denny’s (but with tons of TV and beer). The wait is terrible, food unexceptional and service mediocre. But something about it really does make it the most perfect soccer bar I have ever experienced. Really, it’s the only place you need to go.

Anger about the local sports team and useless commentary — I’d say my job is done for the day.


2 thoughts on “Now that “Strasmas” is over, it’s time for the World Cup!

  1. Even though the World Cup is gaining popularity here, it’s not surprising that the World Cup analysts on ESPN are all foreign. I listened briefly to one US analyst and he said that Landon Donovan was quote “the Steve Nash of the World Cup,”… first of all, Nash is Canadian, secondly, the only thing Nash and Donovan have in common is a similar receding hairline. Mind you, Donovan is good, but he wasn’t good enough to get on any European team, so he came back to the MLS.

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