Coveting Rckndy Wall Art and a DC Artist Showcase

So today’s post will be short, I’ll admit it. I have family in town, so my bleary eyed self will be giving a DC tour in 20 minutes. So with that in mind: Rckndy (pronounced “rock candy”) is this hip little furniture store on U Street. It tends towards modern, sort of an Ikea color palette but much nicer, and stocks a bit of everything from beautiful pillows, to a DC subway map shower curtain, to a coffee table bowl made from melted down army men toys. However, above all else, I COVET their wall art. Specifically, their maps. Here:

God, I adore maps. I do. Something about all the locations and boundary changes and rivers and major cities and the events that happened in those places makes me compulsively want to buy them. However, we all know that if you fill your house with antique maps and leather bound books you end up looking like Indiana Jones or Sherlock Holmes. So yes, I would be better at solving mysteries, but no, Holmes does not get invited to fashion week.

And that’s why I covet these. These maps satiate my nerdy impulses while staying stylish. The color palette is bright, the map is sort of pop-art inspired, and the overall effect bold and versatile, fine in a vintage room or in a modern one. However, they are like $1650 for a movie poster sized map. So yes, COVET not BUY.

Oh and adding to their wall art covet-ness, I should mention that Rckndy is also showcasing a young DC painter through June 20th. The exhibit is entitled, Experiments & Narratives by s.l.smith. Her artwork:

Cute no? Very whimsical and irreverent. I love the use of color and pattern, the presence of BIRDS. The prices vary, but I saw some works for $400 to $600, which, if you are into art collecting, seems quite reasonable. Though even if you can’t purchase, you should stop by and see them. Support a local artist!

Rckndy, 1515 U St NW, DC 20009, (202) 332-5639,

s.l.smith blog: has events and some of her wor

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