Big plans for the Dupont Underground and a bit of afternoon news

I know, you are confused. “But SPY,” you say, “today isn’t Friday,  why are you doing news”?? Well, half of it is for me. I had limited internet access in the Far East, so wanted to see what was happening around town. Also, I MAY have forgotten to post on Friday due to airplanes and deliverable due dates (yes, I do have an actual job) so this is sort of compensating. Also, this Dupont Underground thing is super interesting.

The Dupont Underground by Mika Altskan

Basically, there is an 100,000 square foot stretch of abandoned trolley tracks beneath Dupont Circle that the city is planning to turn into an art/cafe space. Per the website:

This visionary and ambitious development will bring to life 100,000 sq feet of galleries, multi-use flexible exhibition spaces, a teaching library, interactive archives, an arts café friendly to urban nomads and cloud-commuters as well as multi-media labs and arts-related retail. Central and accessible by Metro from all points across the city, The Dupont Underground will be a linking institution for the arts, architecture and design communities and establish a stimulating multi-sensory destination that will attract a new audiences to the city

Yeah. Don’t really know what that means. It appears to be written in hipster-code (like “cloud commuters” wtf??). However, description aside, the idea of an underground art gallery/cafe strip is pretty damn cool. They are looking at other alternative infrastructure projects like the NYC High Line and the San Antonio Riverwalk for inspiration. Of course as soon as the RFP went out, people started weighing in on how DC could royally mess this up. Experts talked about past failures (they apparently tried to convert this space into a food court in the 90s and it imploded), how financial viability is a concern, and how the High Line was exceptional in its financing scope, you can the read details here.

Okay guys. We KNOW all this. It’s DC, we know a crazy ambitious concept like this could be an epic fail. But for now, how about we just wait and hope?  If this works, it could really help the city’s art scene, which is never a bad thing. In other news…

Abu from Prince of Petworth

Abu was found! Yes, the little window-escaping ferret was returned to his owner and is now bundled and safe (PoP)

In addition to shortening people’s lifespans, Cheesecake Factory is stealing credit cards. Brava (DCist)

U Street is getting its own outdoor movie screenings! Movies are musically-inspired. The first showings are This is It and the Buena Vista Social Club. Get excited! (14thandYou)

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