Question of the week: Where can SPY get a churro in DC?

Yes. It is what you think it is: a sign for Chinese churros. I can’t TELL you how excited I was.

Churros are one of the best of snacks. In high school, they were literally the only redeeming quality of working the information booth at the LA Zoo. God, I hated that booth. Sat there all day, bored, people would ask stupid questions like “where’s the zoo?” even though though they were already in the zoo. Like they had to buy a ticket and go through the zoo entrance to get to my booth.  Where did they think they were??? In my head I wanted to say “oh my god!! Where did all the animals go???!”  and start crying, but in reality I was awkward, so politely informed them they were indeed in the zoo while my pride slowly suffocated.   Upside, the booth was next to a churro cart, so at least I knew I had THIS at the end of the day:

Mmmm, Fried dough and sugar. Nothing NOTHING beats a churro. Literally, if it wasn’t for churros and the schadenfreude that was my brother’s post at the stupid petting zoo (undoubtedly the worst station in the history of zoo stations) I wouldn’t have survived. Because as bad as the info both was, sitting next to a busted barn in 90 degree LA heat with farm animals that have long since thrown in the towel on life, repeating “please don’t ride the donkey” every 10 seconds even though you knew nobody was listening, was infinitely worse.

Anyways, unfortunately for SPY, the Chinese can’t do churros. Their churros were not sugared but instead covered in chocolate syrup. It was weird. So now I want one, a real one, when I’m back in the District. Anyone know where to go???? Is there anywhere to go?!

6 thoughts on “Question of the week: Where can SPY get a churro in DC?

  1. YES! There is somewhere to go. Last time I was in DC, Justin and I passed a Spanish restaurant in Dupont or Adams Morgan (not sure, it was on the way to his place in Columbia Heights), that had a huge sign for CHURROS.

    Spy, churros are one of my favorite things too. One of my favorite middle school memories is how Tilden Middle School sold churros during lunch as a fundraiser. This weird girl would come on the announcements every morning and advertise them in the following way: “Churros, churros, yummy Spanish churros,” without a trace of a Spanish accent. It brought laughter to first period each and every day.

  2. Memories of eating churros at the public pool are flooding back to me. Good God I want one.

  3. also – they’re sold at the costco food “court”/cheap food counter that only takes cash. i’m not kidding. lilmr and me are costco fanatics. i haven’t had their churros, but if they’re even remotely as amazing as the pizza (embarassing confession from a new yorker) or the frozen yogurt (salivating at the thought!), then they’d be amazing. you’re welcome to join us for a trip out there to get them fresh and hot (and HUGE! i’ve seen them in that warmer thing) or we can snag you a few next time we go…

  4. Dolcezza gelato in dupont and gtown sell churros! there have regular and dulce de leche ones that they heat up for you when you order.

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