Cork has competition on 14th street from a new place called…Cork? Wait, What?

Well, technically the new place is called Cork and Fork. And it is opening on 14th street on May 8th. It is not affiliated with Cork Market/Bar.

Photo from Cork and Fork website

However it, like the Cork Market that already exists on 14th Street, is a wine market that sells cheeses and offers tastings. The names are obviously similar. They are operating a few blocks apart. The difference between the two as I can tell is that Cork Market offers pre-made food while Cork and Fork has a wider selection of wines, even offering exotic beers. Brands they say cannot be found in a grocery store.

According to 14th and You, Cork and Fork is not concerned about the similarities, saying that people will tell the difference. Prince of Petworth also notes that Cork and Fork is a family run business, originally based in Gainesville, VA, and brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

Hmmmm. Curious no? Because the obvious question is, between Whole Foods on P Street, Cork Market, and the normal liquor stores on 14th, is the market for nice booze and snacks in Logan Circle simply saturated (irrespective of Cork and Fork’s nuances)? I mean, would you go?

2 thoughts on “Cork has competition on 14th street from a new place called…Cork? Wait, What?

  1. Well, the CEO of Whole Foods is right-wing lunatic that does not believe in man-made global warming:

    So unless the owners of Cork and Fork intend to use my pocket-change to back extreme positions, I’ll shop there over Whole Foods.

    I can only speak for Cork’s wine bar but I was not particularly impressed. I can’t really put my finger on it but Cork just rubbed me the wrong way.

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