Spotted: Bizarre and Charming Alley House

Now I don’t normally take pictures of real estate around the neighborhood. That’s Prince of Petworth’s territory and he’s damn good at it. However, yesterday as I was just sitting around, marveling at how Keanu Reeves-y Ironcityspy’s playoff “beard” was coming, I realized it was actually nice outside (thanks for nothing and decided to talk a walk. Also if I heard that “WOW. That’s a low price!!!” Staples commercial again I was literally going to cut someone. Like who is it that sits around a board room, hears a pitch of that commerical abomination and says “YES. That’s the one.” Who??

Anyways, as I was walking around I saw this:

How bizarre, right? It is this perfectly manicured English country house located at the end of an alley on S Street. Not a real street, an alley. The alley is right near the Real World House (which is now an HIV NGO, also bizarre). As a kid, I would have LOVED this house, very “Secret Garden.” And I quickly realized that as an adult, I still do for the same basic reason. Going in to get a closer look, it truly is beautiful:

However, there is also an alley on the other side as well, meaning it does not border any actual street. The address on the door says Fraser Court, which google maps correctly locates but does not name.  So it’s just this beautiful house that faces the backs of other houses on a half-street that does not show up on Google maps. Anyone know anything about it? Or at least can make up a perfect imaginary back story?

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