Dolcezza Gelato Party postponed and other news

So sad news today. The Dolcezza Gelato grand opening with free gelato and smoked pork on Sunday has been postponed due to rain. The new date is May 9th. I know, I am deflated too. Trying to capture my feelings, I googled “sad and lonely ice cream cone” and then found the above photo titled “sad and lonely cone.” No joke, it’s here. God, speaking of anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, have you ever seen the Ikea lamp commercial from a few years back?? You must, here:


Anyways, since this post is really falling apart fast, here is the news from around the district and my photo contest of the week:

  • Can you get a DUI for riding a bike wasted? The DC Court of Appeals thinks so (Washington City Paper)
  • Unconventi0nal transport is a hot topic recently, The Hill is Home talks about the status of DC streetcars while SWDC talks about a new river taxi system. Who’s excited??
  • Remember, Earth Day rally this weekend means metro delays and parking restrictions, get info here (PoP)
  • Kal Penn (known for his role in Harold and Kumar and less known for his role in the White House) got robbed at gunpoint a few blocks from my apartment. Joy (DCist)
  • From the Washington Post, Montgomery County gears up for tax hikes and program cuts, while Diego D’Ambrosio, the hair stylist, gets a portion of Q street named after him

God, the news was brutal this week. I try to keep District crime news out of my roundup, because it’s not what I want to focus on but the local Post headlines are ridiculous. So to end on a good note, I am having a photo of the week contest. The first, brought to you by DCist is in honor of DC medical marijuana passing the DC Council:

Donnie Darko meets wtf local on U Street

And the second (from the Post) is an squirrel rescue in honor of adorableness:

Click on them for larger versions. Which is the photo of the week? Comment! Or don’t, since you rarely do.

7 thoughts on “Dolcezza Gelato Party postponed and other news

  1. First one cause the second reminds me of rats.

    On the Montgomery tax hike, maybe that should be limited to the Potomac area and not the low/middle class neighborhoods of Silver Spring and others which have the misfortune of being considered part of Montgomery county.

  2. For a sports guy, IronCityspy has a soft spot… lame. That first pic is way more awesome. Squirrels are annoying, I had one live in my wall in college.

  3. IronCity doesn’t have many woodland creatures. Just towers of smoke and rapist quarterbacks.

  4. Oh and empire city elitist, just because NYC has the biodiversity of a landfill (insects, pigeons, rats and squirrels to be exact) does not mean they are all the same. Squirrel wouldn’t survive 5 seconds in the NYC subway. Owned.

  5. I think there was a hole in the roof. Yea, that’s encouraging… This was at 3420 O Street, so that was probably the least horrifying thing living in the walls. God, that house was foul…

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