Oh, God. The Redskins did something RIGHT

So the move to make Ironcityspy the sports columnist for this blog has received mixed reviews. Mostly because he is an anti-DC sports “columnist” for a pro-DC blog. Okay, fine. I see your point. I just had more leverage in making him write posts when i was lazy. However, going forward the sports will follow a more point/counterpoint format between Ironcityspy and another pro-DC spy. However, in this case, since it’s a pro-DC post, I figured I would give Ironcity the floor. Enjoy:

Good God. What has happened to the universe? Up is down, war is peace, dogs and cats are living together…mass hysteria!

In the near decade I have been in the DC area, there have been two constants: 1) Redskins fans convincing themselves this is their year and 2) being proved, in hilariously devastating fashion, why it is not. In just the 8 years I have been here I have seen Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Clinton Portis, Patrick Ramsey, Antwaan Randle El, Jason Campbell, Jim Zorn and Albert Haynesworth all hailed as the missing piece that will bring the Skins back to salvation. And every year, like clockwork, the Skins fans are shocked their season ends up looking like this:

This year seemed to be shaping up much like the years past, but then the unthinkable happened….

The Redskins traded for Donovan McNabb. DONOVAN MCNABB. In his prime. For just a second round pick!! I can not emphasize the severity of this enough. The Redskins upgraded the most important position in all of team sports with a player that is not past his prime, without mortgaging their future and paid a reasonable, market value price to acquire him. Some say he is washed up and will fall apart behind DC’s patchwork line. It’s possible, but the Skins picked him up for relatively little and have nothing invested. While I don’t think he is an elite quarterback in this league, I do think he still has several years left at the “very good” level and will win the Skins at least 4 more games than last year, including two against the Eagles, as EA gloriously simulates here:

And how are the Redskins fans reacting? Parades down every avenue? Jubilent crowds taking to the streets? Confetti spraying out of John McCain’s seemingly walnut-filled cheeks?

Err…no. Perhaps the strangest and most clear indicator rapture is at hand; the Redskins fans, collectively, seem to have shrugged their shoulders and moved on with their day. These are the same fans that once celebrated making some average white guy the highest paid safety of all time. Yet when they land a legitimate star, their only reaction seems to be trepedation and mild interest. Have they grown up? Has their sports IQ finally evolved to the point of having reasonable, evidence-derived expectations? I don’t know. But what I do know, for the first time since I have followed this team, the Redskins have made a shrewd investment that will immediately make them better.

Nothing could sadden the IronCitySpy more.

3 thoughts on “Oh, God. The Redskins did something RIGHT

  1. The Ghostbusters reference made me actually laugh out loud.

    Highlight of the entire website!

  2. I like the characterization of this as a “pro-DC post”! As I was discussing with the alleged IronCitySpy last night, the Skins also grabbed Parker from the Steelers. As a Steelers fan, I was happy with the Randle El/Parker sqitcheroo, but McNabb and Parker both might have been just “washed up” enough in Pennsylvania to have actually (miraculously) created the Red Skins’ “perfect” equation. I was surprised to hear there are no jubilant parades in the streets of Washington over this, as there were every time this year when I lived there. Skins fans must not be holding their breath any more than I am…

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