Redeem Boutique, think Diesel but more interesting and eclectic

OK. So I haven’t really done a fashion post in awhile. Mostly because I haven’t really been BUYING things. Not enough benjamins at the moment. However, last week I did manage to snag these:

Cute no? The sandals I mean. They are gladiator, a blue and gray that is much more vivid than it appears via my canon elf. They are from Redeem boutique on 14th street. LOVE. Reminds me a good deal of Diesel but with more variety. Talked to the salesguy, he used to work at Diesel. Makes sense. A lot of zippers, draped tops, blue/black/gray/white/purple type of color palette, industrial, tailored jackets for the mens. Designers are from all over: New York, London, Korea, Canada etc.  Also, unlike other boutiques, this one is half menswear. Some beautiful shots:

Really beautiful stuff. I am on a zipper kick right now, which, if the Devil wears Prada movie reflects real life (which it obviously does), I am supposed to be on because the folks at Vogue  programmed me that way through their fashion spreads or something. Whatev.  Redeem has a good deal of zippers. OH. And it, like most DC boutiques, is also affordable. Not cheap, but it shouldn’t be. But affordable. A lot of things run from like $50 to $190, which really isn’t bad.

You should go. STAT. And pick up some flowers along the way. It is spring you know. The flowers I picked up were from Flowers on 14th about four doors down and are hyacinth (for fragrance) and calla lillies (for color). Yes, i picked them out in that anal retentive way. DEAL with it.

Redeem, 1734 14th Street NW, DC 20009, (202) 332-7447,

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