Caps lose third straight, is this a sign of things to come?

So this is another guest post by Iron City Spy, since DC spy is lazy again. These things happen. I am actually thinking of making ironcityspy the sports columnist for this blog. Ha, I love saying “columnist.” Such a title for such a  stupid blog. Anways, he will blog about sports and games and random stuff from time to time, despite his sport allegiances residing outside the District. This article is about the caps. Enjoy (or hate):

As my moniker suggests, I take a particular delight in watching the Caps implode come playoff time. The last playoff game Washington played in didn’t quite go the way they envisioned. Well, it went like this….


And just like (seemingly) every other playoff appearance before this, the Caps lost to my beloved Pens in heartbreaking fashion. Buoyed by this, and the fact their bitter rivals went on to collect the Stanley Cup, the Caps have been on a mission this entire season; racking up win after impressive win, destroying records and everyone else in the way.

DC fans have spent the past 4 months rejoicing. Considering the endless wilderness the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals wallow in, this one solar flare of a bright spot is understandable. I mean, they may not know what a forecheck is, or icing, or anymore of a dozen hockey terms, but they are so desperate for a winner that they’ll take what they can get. Now despite knowing nearly nothing about hockey (other than, of course, how much Sidney Crosby sucks) the Caps fans today are busy convincing themselves the recent 3 game skid is just a bump in the road for a team that has already shorn up home-ice advantage for the entire playoffs. Right?

Well, no.

This recent skid is very much a sign of things to come. The Capitals do have a dizzying array of offensive talent, enough so that on any given night they can easily light the lamp 4-6 times. Moreover, and as much as I hate to admit it, their defense and goalie play is nowhere near as bad as their reputation may suggest. But their entire system is built in such a way to almost guarantee a late-season swoon and an inevitable playoff demise. They have a fast-break offense which can by mesmerizing when executed. However, the fast break can be neutralized very effectively with solid forechecking. Doing so frustrates their less than rugged defenders, and effectively contains their offense. Moreover, as long playoff series drag on, forechecking becomes more and more effective against molested defenders.

Take one guess who does forechecking very well?

Enjoy the offseason, Caps fans.

4 thoughts on “Caps lose third straight, is this a sign of things to come?

  1. All very good points. The Caps seem to think that they will be able to score their way out of games. Guess what, no one wins playoff games 6-5 or 5-4 on a regular basis. I think their defense actually is as bad as advertised, and but I do agree that their goal tending is far from terrible.

    The fact is, the East is so bad this year that the Caps may still be able to score their way to the finals unless the Pens get their act together (they do seem to be playing a little better as of late) or unless Ryan Miller steals a series from them. One thing I am sure of though; teams like the Red Wings or the Canucks from the West absolutely feast on fast-break minded teams who are more focused on scoring goals than puck possession and sound defense. I would be surprised if the Caps lasted 6 games against either of those teams.

  2. I like the way you think, Iron City Spy. DC Spy is very smart to enlist your assistance in this arena. When the Caps do indeed choke (once again) in the playoffs, I will be standing by ready to say “I told you so.” Otherwise, I will be the first to complain of a league-wide conspiracy in support of Sidney Crosb…I mean Alex Ovechkin…obviously resulting in bias referee calls and brain washed fans favoring the Pengu…Capitals.

    Excited for the post season!!

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