The Redskins are not good at buying things

Every once and awhile, DCspy gets lazy or busy or hungry and doesn’t feel like writing a post. At these times DCspy gets a guest contributor, usually bribed with snacks, to fill in and make sure the daily update is complete. This one comes from ironcityspy and is about the Redskins. Actually it’s somewhat ANTI-redskins, which is not the best for a DC blog but, meh, my server crashed all day and its March MADNESS and I don’t feel like writing, so here you go:


God Redskins. I have been in DC nearly a decade, A DECADE. And throughout that time, I have watched your legions of shell-shocked fans try to wrap their minds around how your franchise can dole out millions upon millions in player contracts, yet continue to lose, well, like this:  


And how does this happen, you ask? Let’s try to break it down….

Exhibit A: Adam Archuleta.  Remember him? That below-average safety that the Redskins thought should be the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL, and then proceeded to sign him as the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL? Remember then, how, after a string of terrible games, he became the highest paid special teams player of all time only to then reach new levels of terribleness and become the highest paid bench player of all time, a demise that all happened over the course of 6 WEEKS. It’s alright if you don’t, terrible memories often remain buried.

Oh, but the Redskins say, past is past. We are a new team now. They even went out and bought a superbowl -winning general manager (just fired) and a superbowl winning coach (also just fired). These ‘new’ Redskins also just took a look at their new team, realized they needed to add some spark to their quarterback lineup, a competitor, a leader, and proceeded to sign….

Exhibit B: Rex Grossman.

Him? Grossman is perhaps best known for being the worst quarterback EVER to start a superbowl. This statement is not hyperbole. I wish FOX didn’t own all the rights to that particular superbowl, as the only footage on youtube from that abortion of a game is this bit of Grossman warming up. That being said, I think it still does the trick:


Wow. Enjoy T-Rex Redskins fan. I 1000% know I will.  – Ironcityspy.

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