I went to Ruff & Ready and all I got was this ottoman and this rash

First, let me say that I love Ruff & Ready. I have a TV stand, lamp, pictures and other things from there. However, Ruff & Ready is not for everyone, and I have been abandoned there many times by friends who can’t handle its charm. Well, I think it’s charm.

Ruff and Ready is a hipster’s dream. It is only open on the weekends. It is technically antique but has the stacked inventory of a thrift store. All prices end in the number 7 and the owner doesn’t know why, its just tradition. It’s not super cheap, but they will bargain with you. It is one of those perfect places that locals have known about for ages and new residents need to know about immediately. Some pictures:

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My idiot brother comes to town and health care passes

Idiot Brother and his Profession

So my idiot brother is staying with me for 10 days, which means posts may not be timely as usual. Just a heads up, dear reader. Only reader (thanks mom).

In other news, big weekend in the District. Health care passed last night. Dems are elated. Republicans are threatening to move places. I mean, I guess they are. Though I don’t know where they would move. Europe and Canada are basically axed. ANYWAYS, many Americans on both sides reacted strongly, despite not knowing what the bill actually contains. This is not a political blog, so I will not discuss the issue, but check any media outlet in any location at any time EVER and I’m sure you’ll find a forum.  

In other less important, but more blogworthy news: my BRACKETS. My brackets are, as a dear friend put it, Terri Schiavo’ed. Not technically dead, but I’m just about ready to pull the plug. Kansas choked, Nova choked, the Hoyas choked. WVU is my last lifeline. My last, terrible Big East dependent lifeline. Jesus.

Will post again today. In the meantime, read about the health care bill if you haven’t already. It does affect you and I know you have time if you are reading this.

Reporting Fail

So last week, for god knows what reason, I decided that I wanted to be a reporter. I had convinced myself that the local news is what people want and it was up to me to get all those random interesting facts about the neighborhood that the 13 other local blogs who existed 5 years prior to me had not gotten. Basically, I imagined myself like this:


Yes, it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so what? She was a journalist. Anyways. So I went into a boutique, asked the boutique owner (name will not be revealed) “oh this is an interesting new store, how long have you been open” as if I hadn’t been there a million times. She recognized me in 0.5 seconds and said happily, “oh you’ve come in here a lot, and, like I told you last time, we’ve been open 7 years.” (pause) “Why are you asking again?”


I just looked at her blankly. Like a deer. A deer with an owl notepad, a canon elph and a strategically picked-out outfit that I thought bloggers wore. I garbled that I had a blog, she asked what it was called, I said, “I don’t know yet” (lie) and she just smiled. The kind of smile Forrest Gump got after talking about ping-pong. Wanting to evacuate as quickly as possible, I asked to take a photo, quickly snapped this awesome merch shot, and then fled the scene.


It’s a bird necklace. Or sort of. Maybe the “aura of a bird necklace” or “bird necklace ascending to heaven.”  Definitely not bird-necklace-I-need-to-purchase. So readers, there you go.  My investigative journalism got you a blurry bird photo and no information. News 1, DCspy 0.

So many politicos, yet so few books

I have thought about this numerous times. DC is a city of nerds. It’s a city of people devoted to political issues, the public, helping other nations. People who give up highly paid salaries to pursue their passion and thereby read about it all the time. So, my reader, where are the used/rare bookstores?? More importantly, where are the used bookstores near ME? Dupont has one: Second Story Books. Adam’s Morgan has one: Idle Time Books. But are there any others…

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This Thursday! Free Samples & Extended Shopping Hours on 14th Street!

This Thursday, March 18th: MidCity restaurants are partnering with local shops to provide a taste of some of the city’s best dining! Come sample the fantastic shopping and enjoy free samples from the following restaurants:Cafe Saint Ex, Cork Wine Bar, Marvin, Ulah Bistro, Nellies, Local 16 and Policy! Free samples are delicious and the vintage shops I blogged about are open late! You should go! Details here.

Lithics by Treasury and other (anti-cupcake) updates

SO. I was browsing around Treasury the other day and loved this little ring I saw. After talking to the Treasury folks, I found out the ring was part of Lithics, Treasury’s own new line of rings made from vintage casts, shown here:

Lithics by Treasury (I was eyeing the third one)

Treasury rescued the little ring molds. They were set to be melted down for scrap metal when Treasury took them. Yes. Scrap metal. Could you imagine? Anyways, this is the best shopping situation possible. You buy something pretty (ring) and in doing so are saving something that would have been wasted. Win-win. Its recycling in its easiest form. Which is, at its heart, what vintage is anyways. They run between $85-110, which isn’t cheap, but would be way marked up elsewhere (looking at you NYC). Buy them.

OH. Update #2. Sources tell me “Best of DC” has a best cupcake category. Now, I am not telling you to ban it (as maybe all the losers will get disheartened and start baking other things), but if you just “forgot to vote” or “accidentally commented that the cupcake market is saturated” I wouldn’t be upset.  Throwing it out there.

My New Spymobile and Other District News

This was caught zooming around Chinatown (DCist)

Metro sucks, will continue to suck for the next three years (Washington Post)

Obama still won’t attend caps game, reaffirms hockey as the whitest sport ever (DCist)

Now cyclists have new places to run stop signs and red lights (Penn Quarter Living)

Turns out most basement apartment rentals in DC are illegal, renters discuss tax evasion methods in comments  (Prince of Petworth)

Tomorrow is the last chance to vote for the Best of DC! Show your support for your favorite places in the District (14th and You)

The Hunt for Vintage, without the Hunt

Dress from Junction Vintage

As you will gather from this blog, I am often lazy. There are some days when I wake up, want to go thrift shopping in my mind, go out to the store, get immediately overwhelmed by the amount of digging, the idea of trying on a million things, the hipsterness (or homelessness, depending how thrift you go) of surrounding people, my desire to eat a croissant aaand… I give up. Just like that, I walk in and walk out.  I know, I’m a blogger and should be more carpe diem. But meh, I work a 9 to 5 and weekends are precious, precious things

ANYWAYS, Junction and Treasury Vintage have solved my problem. For a lazy person wanting to score that awesome item and only look through a manageable number of edited racks, they are small, beautiful, and reasonably priced (think vintage, not thrift). Both stores have clothes, jewelry, handbags, and a rack or two of menswear, so you can drag some sad male companion along with you. Here are some photos….



Junction is classic retro vintage while Treasury is a bit all over the map, stocking clothes, jewelry and, per their website, curios. Yeah. I don’t know what a curio is, but I kind of want one. Reminds me of an antique children’s toy or a 1930s circus souvenir. After buying your curio, you can stop by café Saint Ex, have a muffin of the day, shop around, go home, take a nap, and (assuming your curio doesn’t come to life and kill you in your sleep), go out for the evening. Perfect afternoon.

Junction: 1510 U St NW, WASHINGTON DC,  20009 (202) 483-0261, website: http://www.junctionwdc.com

Treasury: 1843 14th St. NW, second floor (go up the stairs!), WASHINGTON DC 20009, (202) 506-6908, website: http://shoptreasury.com

(images from the Junction and Treasury websites, and  my camera)

Please, not another effing cupcake store

I just can’t do it.  I like cupcakes, I do. They are snack-sized, have a multitude of frosting/cake options, you can make them resemble animals, people, hello-kitty Japanese creatures and things (exhibit cupcake-milano-dog-bear).

But little hipster chefs of the world, why the neglect of other dessert snacks? Why not a pie shop, a pastry shop, a scone and muffin boutique, a cookie stand with a different accompanying milkshake of the day? Honestly, now that I think about it, why not just a delicious, good old fashioned bakery??  Snacks aren’t clothes you know, a damn fine chocolate shake will always be in style. So my hipster, I think you should open a delicious pie shop in DC, near me, because I am lazy. My reasons are…

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