A peek inside the most expensive house on the DC market

According to the  Georgetown Dish, 3400-3410 Prospect St NW, the “Halcyon House,” is the most expensive house on the DC market. It is in Georgetown (no surprise). It is listed on Sotheby’s for $19.5 million (Jesus God that’s expensive but, no surprise). I passed it every day in undergrad at Georgetown (no supr… wait WHAT?). It’s true Hoyas. The front of the property looks like this:

SPY's winter home

Recognize it? Yes, the most expensive house in DC is at 34th and Prospect, across the street from what was the crap-tastic Philly Cheesesteak Factory. The mansion is actually a bit “clown car” in my opinion. Sure, the front of the house is large, but would you assume it’s a 22,173 sqft lot with a twelve car garage, 9 bathrooms, a solarium, a swimming pool with a wet bar, a servants house, and things like THIS:   


Backyard (overlooking the Potomac), art studio, pool, plaque 

Me neither. The second photo is the art studio, which is perfect for all that after-work sculpting I do. Actually, I recall walking by the house in college, thinking “nope, too colonial,” and heading over to Booeymongers for a sandwich snack.  Anyways, the house was apparently built in 1787 by the first US Secretary of the Navy under George Washington. That was also the last time they seemed to have updated the decor:   


YIKES. Very Mary Todd. Not what you want. Look Sothebys, just go out, find a certain SPY, give her a grant, and get some STYLE in there. I will decorate like 6 rooms (because the entire house is far too much effort) in exchange for money to throw a fancy indoor-outdoor party in your “art studio” and backyard. Because, let’s be honest, we all know an artist is not going to buy this house. Everybody wins!

*Thanks to Sotheby’s for the photos! You can find them (and more) here.