A delicious sandwich on a Friday afternoon

I figured since it was Friday and not exceptionally warm out, I would end the week on a high note – namely, a note of sandwiches. You see, Ironcityspy is now working in Courthouse – and after a few hungry visits, I have concluded that Courthouse is one of the best places around for work lunches. Don’t believe me? Think about it. You have Pho 75, Five Guys, Ray’s Hell Burger, Dehli Dhaba, and Fireworks. You also have tons of places to sit down and watch sports. If you want, you could even truck it up to El Pollo Rico in Clarendon for some cheap and delicious Peruvian chicken.

Such delightful foods behind that sign!

It is also home to one of my favorite DC sandwiches – the Monty. The Monty is from Earl’s Sandwiches on Wilson Blvd in between Courthouse and Clarendon. It’s ingredients are as follows: Freshly roasted beef, cooked medium rare and served warm with mayonnaise and barbeque sauce on a toasted sesame seed roll. It looks like this:

DELICIOUS. What? It is basically meat and sauce on a bun you say?  Ignorant fools. As any  devout follower of the pulled pork sandwich already knows, it’s all you ever need. That and Earl’s roasts all their meat, peppers and garlic in house, they hand cut their fries, and their crab cakes are made to order and their soups are made from scratch. It is this attention to freshness and detail that makes the place so good.

So you should go. Pick up this simplest of sandwiches from the smallest of sandwich shops (Earls seats about 10 people) and grab a local DC Dominion root beer while you are there. Or malt vinegar for your fries.  Earl’s even has non-meat offerings for those that don’t eat delicious things. Oh, but eat the Monty HOT. Hot sandwiches don’t deserve to go cold in your bag. Do it for the SANDWICH.

Earl’s Sandwiches
2605 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 248-0150

6 thoughts on “A delicious sandwich on a Friday afternoon

  1. I’d passed Earl’s a million times and thought about it going in but it’s difficult to [legally] park near.
    On Wednesday, I abandoned all caution and went in. I got the Louie. It was absolutely incredible. It is indeed a fantastic shop.

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  3. You should check out Bayou Bakery. Beignets are great and their sandwiches are great too (especially the Muffaletta).

  4. I’ve passed Earl’s more times than I can count and for some reason never thought to go in. You’ve sold me. Some time this week I’m going to Earl’s. For a more cafeteria-ish quick experience there’s also the Courthouse deli and Verizon’s cafeteria – open to all. The Courthouse deli or cafe or whatever they call themselves has a buffet every day. Locals still refer to the place as Gene’s, which is what it was named for years before changing the name.

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