Mourning DC’s brackets

After watching Georgetown and George Mason “perform” this past weekend, the spies are in stunned silence.

IronCityspy's bracket being mourned.

I mean, Georgetowns third straight 1st round exit (and second straight demolition) has given Spy such an eye twitch that I am unsure when she’ll be blogging again. As for me, I went from the euphoria of this:

To, well, this.

God, adding insult to injury, my bracket looks like a stillborn pterodactyl (when it’s early my analogies become entirely Jurassic Park inspired).  You should have seen the confidence I had in my own brilliance just one week ago: “Louisville making some noise in the Big East tournament will obviously translate into success!” “Notre Dame has impressed me all year!” “You know who I love? Washington and UCLA!” Yikes.

How are the rest of you doing this morning. Hopefully some of your brackets are slightly more promising?


P.S. Sorry about last week — Spy will be back this week with ACTUAL DC news.

One thought on “Mourning DC’s brackets

  1. I fell in love with Washington and almost got rewarded last weekend for my allegiance. I also fell for st johns hard after seeing them destroy duke. Needless to say, my bracket looks like Dennis Nedry’s carcass right about now!!

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