George Mason goes viral

My humble alma mater, George Mason University, has been riding some pretty good publicity lately. They were officially ruled no longer a commuter school(thank God for that), have Virginia’s first LEED Gold hotel (yay?), can count on Bill Murray’s fandom and have a basketball team that very likely will be ranked in the top 25 this week (assuming we don’t blow it against some crappy competition). To take advantage of this last point, GMU released a really awesomely bad viral video below. Now it’s not the greatest thing ever created, but I certainly give an A for effort. I especially like it at the 1:46 mark:

Not bad right?

I think what makes me so happy is Mason realizes it’s position and doesn’t attempt to sugar-coat it. It’s the little brother of the local schools (alright, let’s face it, the severly retarded little brother that the rest of the family doesn’t really like to talk about — or feed). They aren’t going to get anywhere pretending they have the athletic clout of a Georgetown or Maryland, and thankfully they seem to realize this. But just like the academics and campus itself, the program has grown tremendously in just the 8 or so years I’ve been aware of it.

The final four was a really neat way to end my senior year, and something I’ll always cherish. But to me, the more substantial take away is the steady growth I’ve seen this program make. Any team can make a shock run in the college tournament — but a great program should contend for the postseason every year. I am proud to say all evidence seems to be pointing up — now please God don’t let us lose to James Madison.


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