DC Packers bars: Where Steelers fans beg for pity drinks

tears for the children

As we all know, my Steelers lost last night. It was a night of drinking, turnovers, drives, injuries, hopes, terrible halftime shows, turnovers, and incompletions that ultimately left SPY alone, snacking on Doritos crumbs with a terrible towel as a napkin. For Steelers fans in the district, there is not much to do today but lament the Steelers loss, the end of NFL, and beg for free drinks out of pity. Your target: jubilant Packers bars. They are (via PackerBars.com) as follows:

  • Hawk’n'Dove – 329 Pennsylvania Ave SW (202) 543-3300
  • Duffy’s –  2106 Vermont Ave NW  (202) 265-3413
  • Trusty’s – 1420 Pennsylvania Avenue SE  (202)-547-101
  • The Exchange – 1719 G St. NW (202) 393-4690
  • Capitol Lounge – 229 Pennsylvania Ave. SE  (202) 547-2098

The Examiner even had an article about the Hawk n’ Dove allegiance. Look. You walk in wearing your bedraggled Steelers shirt, look dejected (not a tough sell) and sigh. The bartender will then look at you and know immediately, it’s the least he can do. If that doesn’t work, go into how difficult it was to go against Rodgers, the lovable underdog, while your quarterback is at worst a rapist, and at best, a goddamn idiot.

They are kind, Midwestern folk, high on the happiness of victory. You can’t lose. Well actually, you can, and you did, but at least you can get a free shot out of it.

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