Alexandria Restaurant Week THIS WEEK and new DC restaurants opening in 2011!

This post will not be long since I have many things to do today and my night last night was approximately THIS:

Superbowl! Yes, I know we aren’t the lovable underdog. Deal with it. In other news, this week is Alexandria Restaurant week!!! It technically started on Friday (sorry) but it lasts until January 30th. ALSO, unlike DC restaurant week where the deals are not always the most economic, you can get a $35 meal for two or a $35 prix-fixe meal for one. Now, a $35 meal for two is really not bad. DETAILS HERE

via food porn daily

Also, We Love DC compiled a list of all the slated new restaurants opening in 2011. SO MANY DELICIOUS things. I wouldn’t dare compile my own list because theirs is glorious and exhaustive. They divided it into two parts:

Part 1
Part 2

Finally, did you hear that a Cooper’s Hawk was found in the Library of Congress????! Another reason why Library of Congress is made my 30 days of DC list. While normal local libraries have pigeons, we have majestic hawks. I assume he was there looking for treasure hidden in the declaration of independence. Or campaigning against the bald eagle for title of national bird.

Jesus. That was a terrible joke. Forgive me, it’s Monday and cold.

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