30 days of DC: #2 You can watch a play and plan Lincoln’s assassination simultaneously

Yes, I am talking about Ford’s Theater. You know, your local neighborhood theater that President Lincoln happened to be assassinated in. Personally, I think date night to Ford’s Theater is one of the most awesome DC date nights you can do, which is why it makes the list. Even though it was closed for renovation in January, it reopened TODAY. Here’s are 5 reasons its a must:

  1. They show awesome plays. I went to Ford’s Theater one Valentine’s Day and saw Jitney by August Wilson. Although I am partial to Wilson given his Pittsburgh roots, it was a damn fine play. The award-winning Carpetbagger’s Children is currently playing.
  2. It is a beautiful theater. The massive presidential box where Lincoln sat, the deep red floors, the old (but still comfy) seats. You can feel how the assassination must have felt. You aren’t all that far from Lincoln. If the moribund intrigues you, you can even plan an assassination in your MIND
  3. If you are the cheapest date on the planet you can take a tour for free. While the tour offerings vary daily, you can often see the museum, the theater, or hear a ranger talk about the history. $2.5o if you want to splurge for an advance ticket. You can also see the house Lincoln died in (the Peterson house) for free across the street, although that is currently closed for maintenance until Spring 2011.
  4. Once you finish the play you are in effing Penn Quarter at 10th and E (i.e. DC restaurant CENTRAL). The Chinatown/Penn Quarter restaurants are some of the best ,so walk over to one of Jose Andres’s many establishments OR Proof OR District Chophouse, OR anything really!
  5. They offer activities for kids. Now, I hesitated to include this because, let’s be honest, historically-themed kid’s activities are terrible. Nobody wants to play with a hoop and a stick. HOWEVER, in honor of Lincoln’s birthday, the theater is doing special family events during the day starting January 29th. You can find all the details here. Let’s just say, for kid-friendly things, they are not that bad. No petting zoos.

The end of a typical date night to Ford's Theater

Look, Lincoln was effing assassinated in your neighborhood theater. Literally nowhere else in the world can say that. Parlay this piece of history into a Penn Quarter date night and you will look like the most hip and cultured boyfriend/partner/psuedo-dating companion ever. Just saying.

2 thoughts on “30 days of DC: #2 You can watch a play and plan Lincoln’s assassination simultaneously

  1. Worth mentioning: just about all of those incredible restaurants offer pre-theatre menus at prices that are somewhat manageable.

    I suggest Cedar. Order a Pisco Sour.

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