30 days of DC: #1 Your local library is the Library of effing Congress

Look. I know starting out with libraries may not seem like the coolest way to begin this 30 days of DC , but in the spirit of this series, we all need to EMBRACE our inherent DC nerdiness. We were voted the most literate city in America. We work in politics, literature, and issue-based advocacy. We love the written word. EMBRACE.

And honestly, can you think of a cooler library card to have than the Library of Congress??? True, you cannot check out books  and take them home (only Congress members can do that), BUT you can take out books within the Library and do your research in a reading room that looks like THIS:

The best reading room in the world

I mean, come on. You walk in working on some policy memo that has an 80% chance of never going anywhere, you walk out as President Palmer from 24.

You leaving the Library of Congress

Not to mention there are volumes and volumes of rare political books. Rare political books that contain SECRETS.

So, maybe while you are researching the Alien and Sedition Acts,  you run across a photocopy of an old letter that references a sunken ship in the Arctic that has never been mentioned before, and maybe you go to the Arctic and find said ship and the ship contains a riddle, and maybe that riddle is a piece of a fabled treasure map hidden in the Declaration of Independence, and maybe you steal the Declaration of Independence and begin a wild chase with you, other treasure hunters and the FBI, but you trick the others into following a false clue of a lantern that is supposed to represent Paul Revere, while you and your beautiful companion find the treasure, unprotected in Philadelphia?!?!?!?!?

The end of an average day at the Library of Congress

Maybe that would happen. One thing that’s certain, the Library of Congress is the only foreseeable starting point of such a quest. So go forth, get the coolest library card in the United States, and make your research so much more.

For a recap of what 30 days of DC is, click HERE. New post every Friday.

3 thoughts on “30 days of DC: #1 Your local library is the Library of effing Congress

  1. All this, and it’s relatively easy to obtain a Library of Congress card…great for when you are pretending to clean your wallet in front of others and can whip that out and wait for them to be impressed. “Oh? Yeah, it’s just my ID when I go to the Library of Congress.”

  2. Oh yeah? Library of Congress? BFD.
    We’ve got the Beverly Hills Library! I’ll bet you don’t even have a Pop-up book room or a collagen/botox section in your snooty library. Sure, you may have a senator or two but you’ll never get the Kardashians, not with all those boring books.

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