Need a symbol for your 2010 Washington Redskins?

Spy has given me a edict from her spy perch that I need to pump the breaks on serious posts for a while. I guess my attacks on the Catholic Church, DC Metro Police and a host of other topics didn’t quite mesh with her worthy contributions.

Spy critiquing IronCityspy's latest post

She wants things that are “funny” and “lighthearted”, much to my chagrin. Fortunately for her, we do live in a city that  features the Washington Redskins — the clown college of the National Football league.  I have kept intentionally quiet on their descent into madness this season — mainly because mocking them would be like picking on the retarded. However, this past week (a win no less) gave us the perfect analogy for their entire season:

Wow. I literally could take about 12 different angles why this encompasses everything you poor fans have had to put up with this year. Just unbelievable.

So my dear suffering fans, please let me know which part of this abomination is most relevant for this season? Easy play mishandled? Something great turning into something very awful very quickly? The only consistent offensive threat dropping the easiest pass in the history of the world? The one pass Rex Gross man didn’t shotgun in hopelessly mishandled? Or, if you’d rather, let me know which other play is more apt? I mean, let’s face it, you have quite a few to choose from.


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