SPY and Barack knew better…

Yes. Today I woke up, refreshed after a weekend of cinnamon buns, Christmas Story, Sinatra Christmas CDs, and palm trees strung with Christmas lights to see THIS on the news:

Holy Jesus, East Coast. 60 mph winds, thunder snow, 125 car accidents, over 200 flights canceled in Chicago alone, Sunday night football canceled, Columbus Circle in NYC looking more like the Missouri Coteau than a cosmopolitan mecca. However, i guess you guys like this sort of thing. At least you say you do. Every Christmas the entire Eastern seaboard holds the proverbial “White Christmas” over the heads of us West-of-the-Rockies folk who spend Christmas at the beach, or in light jackets, or in general sunshine. Just like shoveling snow builds character, days of slowly descending into madness from family time, snowed-in cabin fever and hot toddies means “real” Christmas.

Wish my Christmas was that real

However, Barack and I aren’t fooled. Call it my presidential instincts, but Barack and I knew to get out of dodge. He to Hawaii and I to LA. And sure, we Westerners have no God or family values, but look what we DO have!

Feliz Navidad East Coast!!! I am currently in my running shorts, about to go for my fortnight-ly run so I can list it on facebook as one of my hobbies and not feel like a sham. And yes, in SHORTS. Barack is probably on the beach, playing paddleball, working on his “tan” (Thank you, Berlusconi).

And yes, LA did have mudslides right before my arrival. Pat Robertson probably blamed that on the overturning of DADT. However, JC gave us beautiful weather for Christmas morning. We even got an effing DOUBLE RAINBOW.

In all seriousness, I hope you all got back to DC safely. And this could be the most beautiful photo ever. And, congrats to the Redskins. It was a really good victory yesterday; in overtime no less. Beloved reader(s), hope you had a lovely holiday season.

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