SPY missed the lunar eclipse, bald eagles, life in general…but is now BACK!

Yes. Last night, the moon passed behind the earth so that the earth blocked the sun’s rays causing the earth to cast a shadow on the moon, and SPY missed it. I missed it just hanging out in my room with my balloon, comb, and mush like so:

Artist's depiction of SPY's bedroom during the lunar eclipse

It was the first lunar eclipse in 3 years. At least I think it was.  I have to admit I don’t really understand lunar eclipses and the Wikipedia page is far too long for me to read. My knowledge of space ended at about Mrs. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus. I then disowned space after Pluto lost its planet status. It was always my favorite of planets. Way better than Neptune, by far the lamest of planets. I guess being the Roman god of the sea wasn’t good enough. Anyways, awesome pictures of the eclipse here:

From TBD. More photos here!

SO, I missed it. I also missed my own birthday, the overturning of DADT, metro searching people’s bags, the debut of the lion cubs at zoo, the first installation of the HBO 24/7 coverage of the Winter Classic, the opening of Black Swan, the lighting of the National Christmas Tree and THIS….

Pictures and story at NBC here

Bald eagles land in someone’s front lawn in Sterling, VA!!! Immediately my mind raced with all the possibilities of why they were there. Massacring a pigeon, attacking one of those weird black squirrels, spying on CIA leaders,  sending a ominous yet stylish message to John McCain for his pathetic stance on DADT? Sigh. Of course not. Here is what the article said:

She said the eagles appeared to be locked together, and were flapping their wings trying to loosen themselves.  “They might have gotten their talons tangled,” Hobbs said

Jesus Christ. How is that even physically possible?? Sigh. America’s patriotic symbol of strength has been reduced to a rubik’s cube of eagle on a suburban front lawn. This is almost as humiliating as the US government shutting down whenever it snows. A commenter suggested that the eagles may have been having sex. Even worse. Apparently it took the eagles 15 minutes to extricate themselves from each other and then they flew off. Lesson learned. Gay community, never send an eagle to do a pigeon’s job. Say what you will about hideous rat birds, you would never see them in such a shameful position.

Reader(s) (if you are even still around), it feels great to be back. A million apologies for disappearing these past 2 weeks. I am filled with regret for abandoning you. Apparently law school is arduous and I, like the mediocre SPY that I am, did not plan ahead. Many posts to come. I am out of EXILE!!

One thought on “SPY missed the lunar eclipse, bald eagles, life in general…but is now BACK!

  1. Glad to have you back! One more of my posts and I’d be greeted by pitchforks and torches on my way home.

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