My favorite DC dessert shop on a rainy day

Monsoons, rain, tornado watches. Apparently, DC has angered the Lord in a way we godless Californians do pretty much every day (see earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, hippies). I could blame the Festival of Lights, but then I’d be  … Hitler? It’s also hard enough for our Jewish friends in the Christmas season. You try to make Chanukah matter, but religiously it barely does, your presents are restricted, Chanukah bushes are terrible, dreidels are worse, and  nobody sings carols. Sigh. It’s not easy being chosen.

I feel for you kid

Anyways, the weather is awful. It was recently my birthday and I asked my parents for a hearth for my studio apartment. I have been studying all the time, and  having a nice exposed-brick wood burning fireplace to frame my leather bound books seemed so nice. I ended up getting a backpack. Apparently creating a hearth is complicated, expensive and illegal. It is a really awesome backpack though (see it here). I also went to Locolat. My FAVORITE chocolate place in DC.

I have blogged about Locolat before, but have never given it a well-deserved full post. It is a Belgian shop run by a family of Belgian chefs. It is located near the  Florida and 18th intersection. The head chef used to be a pastry chef at Restaurant Eve and despite being written up many times in the Washington Post, you can almost always find him in the Locolat kitchen, making their desserts.  They have phenomenal bread pudding, tarts, milk chocolate hot chocolate and a FLEUR DE SEL CAKE: Caramel chocolate mousse,  vanilla sponge cake with a chocolate glaze  and sea salt. God. Then they also have puff pastries with cheese and leeks, prosciutto and swiss croissants, and savory waffles. NEED.

Look. I have wanted a gourmet local cafe for ages. It is what every cute neighborhood needs. Locolat fills that niche. Its small, simple and most importantly, the food is damn good. Go there. Support a true neighborhood gem and watch the rain from the comfort of indoors.

1781 Florida Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 518-2570

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