Happy Holidays Beloved Reader(s)

So I am currently in Weirton, WV having a happy/angry Serbian thanksgiving (we Serbs excel at this emotive combination) with the family and without internet. Yes, I wrote this post in advance. I wrote it at 7am on Wednesday morning actually, which is why it is only marginally better than terrible. So here are some pictures, video and event bites to sustain you over the weekend.

Exhibit A: Photo galleries of (1) Cute animals in boots and (2) Former President Putin with animals

Both galleries are exactly what they sound like. You’re welcome

Exhibit B: Sarah Palin pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey in front of a Turkey slaughter

An instant American classic. Unlike her reality show. Don’t watch it. Just don’t. Do it for our North Korean allies.

Finally here are some events around town:

IHOP in Columbia Heights opened!!!! PANCAKE WEEKEND!!!

That’s it. That’s the only event I came up with. I got tired of looking around. It’s 7am. So just … buy things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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