George Mason is officially the coolest DC area school

God, maybe the coolest school in the entire country after this weekend.

So my alma mater, George Mason University, doesn’t exactly have the best of reputations. It is still something of a commuter school, horrendously located in the middle of god forsaken Fairfax and is entirely made-up of terribly modern brick and tan buildings. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great appreciation for that institution and it only improves year after year. But dating Spy and seeing all the pride and brilliance that comes with Georgetown, I have always had a twinge of envy.

Well, after this weekend no longer:

Yes, that is Bill Murray! Quite literally the coolest man alive today.  Now I know other schools have celebrity fans that go and cheer them on, but:

  1. They usually make some semblance of sense. Bill Murray has utterly no connection to GMU.
  2. No celebrity is anywhere near as awesome.

I can’t emphasize that last point enough. If anyone out there even dares to argue that “X” celebrity is better, I may have to cut you.  I think Woody Harrelson sums it up nicely.

Never crosses the streams

I’ve been an admirer of his for as long as I can remember — Arlnow and I can probably perform every scene from Ghostbusters by heart — something Spy knows all too well — so I obviously couldn’t be more proud that he chose my school to arbitrarily support. But for those of you keeping up with Mr. Murray, this is hardly anything new. A quick recap:

Jesus Christ is that amazing.

Turns out Murray is actually a well-known hoops fan (Spacejam, anyone?) and his son is friends with a GMU assistant. So considering all-things Murray, this is considerably less random.

Hopefully he imparted some wisdom onto the Patriots

Knowing Murray’s reputation, I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing him at another GMU game. I am sure some of my compatriots will be disappointed by this, but like Halley’s Comet, we must enjoy the fact he came at all. Plus, doesn’t having Condy Rice as a fan now seem far less impressive?

- IronCityspy

Cheers to Peter Solari for the excellent find.

4 thoughts on “George Mason is officially the coolest DC area school

  1. that. is. amazing. seriously, seriously amazing. i am officially jealous.

    but hey, the guy who draws xkcd went to christopher newport, my virginia commuter-school alma mater. isn’t that… something?

    /shows self out

  2. Life Aquatic… every line Murray says in that movie is classic… worthy of mimicking until your friends leave you alone at the table. Yet you don’t feel alone, that’s how good the man is.

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