SPY attempts to be an adult, fails, necessitates blog announcement

So recently I have been attempting, albeit nobly, to be an “adult.” Adult things:

(Images by Hyperbole & a Half: READ entire comic strip HERE. Hilarious)

However, my beloved reader(s), I must confess that I have been failing at it. Failing SO MISERABLY. I have failed to juggle school, work, blog and all those real life things in a manner becoming to a SPY. The result has been late posts, mediocre content and frequent outbursts of  anger at Ironcityspy like so:

(From 9 Reasons why you shouldn’t date a T-Rex. READ IT TOO)

My deepest apologies. I should have accepted early on that I am not capable of such a multitude of tasks. I am but a simple spy with few resources (outside my magnifying glass). So to this end, I have an announcement. From now until mid-December, ispythingsdc will do around 3 posts a week.

I cannot tell you what days I will post because I am free-spirited and spontaneous (read: neurotic yet incapable of planning) however, I think this lesser burden will be beneficial to the blog. It will enable higher quality posts and prevent 5pm posts for the sake of adding content. Some weeks I may do 4 posts, some weeks only 2, but I am going to shoot for 3 a week. Once final exams/papers/ holidays are over, we will be back to more consistent postings.

Please forgive me my readers. I am trying.

7 thoughts on “SPY attempts to be an adult, fails, necessitates blog announcement

  1. Girl I got your back. I am sufferin’ over here. Learnin’ sucks up a lot of time that I used to spend blogging.

    Maybe in spring semester we can plan some homework/blog writing parties and band together.

  2. I appreciate that you have informed your readers of the reasons for the decrease in post frequency.

    I have the same exact reasons but have chosen to keep my nearly seven (three is almost half of seven) readers in suspense.

  3. 2 questions & a comment:
    1. owl sweatshirt in sight?
    2. some sort of gummy snack, sprite, or ice cream bar?
    3. love the comics. same guy who does The Oatmeal (he has some good ones about dolphins)

  4. Petite roommate:
    1) owl sweatshirt is out in full force
    2) gummy candies and sprite have made multiple appearances in unison. Sugar overload. It’s gotten bad.
    Aw, that brings me back to 910

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