Likes and dislikes from the Rally to Restore Sanity

So this weekend, I joined 200,000 of my closest friends to support sanity on the National Mall. Like any onslaught of humanity, the rally had its ups and downs. For every good sign, there was an equally lame sign and for every random hug, a small child was shoved by a Muslim robot. Since we all dislike reading, I have decided to distill my thoughts on the rally to my top 10 likes and dislikes. Enjoy

  • LIKED the joke signs. Comedy Central viewers have the perfect combination of political savvy and snark to make some AMAZING humor signs. Here are some favorites

  • DISLIKED the serious signs. Wag of the finger. The serious signs didn’t belong at the rally. The rally aimed to mitigate polarization, not exacerbate it. Using the rally as a forum for leftist grandstanding enables pundits to dismiss it as liberal nonsense. That, and who wants to talk serious politics while standing next to the “Gay Bearrorist”?
  • LIKED hippies and hipsters climbing things. God. Hippies and hipsters climbed everything: trees, port-a-potties, fence posts. Watching them was pretty entertaining, since I was standing for 72836578 hours.
  • DISLIKED that none of them fell. Okay fine. I didn’t want them to actually hurt themselves, but I mean come on. Some of them were way too cocky. It was just like figure skating, one is going to go down eventually…

Where's Cartman when you need him...

  • LIKED Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s banter. They put on a damn fine… wait did they? At least I think they did. I kind of couldn’t hear anything, WHICH is a nice segue into…
  • DISLIKED the lack of speakers. Past 7th street there were NO speakers and a lot of angry people. So Daily Show, self-deprecation about attendance is fine until it manifests into lack of speakers. You must know to over-prepare, it’s  the #1 mom rule.
  • LIKED getting kicked off a National Gallery roof by the police. Okay okay. By “roof” I mean “15 foot shed” and by “kicked off” I mean the officer asked nicely and helped me down. But how badass does that sound??
  • DISLIKED Police with horses. Oh, I know what to do in this mass of people and strollers, bring out an enormous horse to restore order. Unreasonable response at such a reasonable rally. FAIL
  • LIKED That L’Enfant metro escalator became a “roller coaster” and starting accelerating at rapid speeds with random tourists on it. God told you to stay to the right.
  • DISLIKED that I wasn’t there to see it. Sigh. I always miss EVERYTHING.

At least someone has her priorities straight

However, all in all, I liked the rally. I supported Stewart’s speech at the end and didn’t find the event overly preachy. Please give your thoughts in the comments. I welcome disagreement. Well, to a reasonable extent…

***All photos are from the TBD, Washington Post, or TBM galleries. Click and it goes to the original source

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