Georgetown students tire of binge drinking, build meth lab

Fine, it wasn’t a meth lab. It was dimethyltryptamine (DMT) lab. Leave it to Georgetown students to pick the most complex drug possible to make in their dorm room.

Over the weekend, Georgetown Freshmen John Romano ’14 and Charles Smith ’14 were arrested and charged with manufacturing DMT with an intent to sell it from their dorm room, Harbin 926. Initial coverage reported it was meth.  The manufacture and sale of DMT carries a potential 20-year prison sentence and a $1 million fine. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogen common in South American Shamanic practices. It is also naturally released by our bodies right before we die (Wikipedia). Yikes.

Scene of the crime from the Hoya

So a few comments about this. First off, not surprised it wasn’t meth. Georgetown isn’t nearly heartland enough for meth and the city of DC loves its crack. Though kind of disappointed. If the Hoyas were going to get busted, meth could have at least combated our sportcoat and sperrys reputation.

Not meth's strongest market

Secondly,  how industrious are our freshmen?? Sure, they were illegally making drugs to then illegally sell them in their dorm room, but they were pretty damn efficient to get a DMT lab up and running 2 months into freshman year of college. My greatest freshman year accomplishment was accidentally calling the Georgetown paramedics on myself while drunk. But I guess after immediately quitting all the extracurricular activities that got you into Georgetown, you have to focus your energy somewhere.

Not the safe ride service

Finally, not surprised it was some naturally occurring Latin American drug. No, they probably weren’t hippies. The Georgetown hippy is a rare breed, and usually exists as a liberal arts nerd-hippy hybrid. However, there are 74893275 Georgetown students who both study foreign cultures and love drugs. A drug linked to an interesting foreign culture that you could then “study” abroad or even better advocate to legalize?? GOLD MINE.

Oh, and I wanted to give advice to these students based on their Georgetown major. However, it turns out I am awful at using Facebook and for some ungodly reason couldn’t find them. I am also lazy so gave up immediately. Anyone have any information? You will be rewarded will be a marginally witty and probably cliched comment!

Hoya saxa!

4 thoughts on “Georgetown students tire of binge drinking, build meth lab

  1. Harbin was always up to no good. Back in my day, there was an illicit human cloning facility on the 4th floor and a back-alley abortionist on the 8th.

  2. Good old Harbin. I believe when I lived on Harbin 2, we won some kind of award for being written up more than any other freshman floor. I’d like to remark that I was not one of the more illustrious rule breakers in that crowd.

    I can just picture those poor little freshman being jarred awake at 6 a.m., forced to stumble downstairs before half of them even have time to contemplate the horrendous walk of shame they’re about to partake in front of hordes of D.C.’s finest.

    Spy – this might be my favorite of your posts yet.

    One last comment. Class of ’14? OMG.

  3. I’m late to this party, but, Amazing.

    Glad I’m not the only one to call GERMS on herself. I never heard that story, btw.

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