Man builds cat city and a DC news roundup

Beloved reader(s), apologies on the late post. Oh so tired this afternoon. But while  lesser men in my position would simply opt out of posting,  this SPY is dedicated to her craft. So…. here are some pictures of a homeless cat city this crazy person built in Florida taken from an article that was written a year ago!!! New York Times, I’m waiting for your call…

Cat rush hour!!!

Cat church! (But no cat temple or cat mosque?)

Cat city hall with lurking lobbyist cats!

cat suburbs: affordable and convenient!

Mr. Mitten's award-winning garden

Pictures are all from laughing squid. You want more? click here!

In all seriousness, the place is called Caboodle Ranch and is for homeless cats. It is pretty amazing and for a good cause. They accept donations you know. Donate for a cat art museum! Here are some DC headlines:

  • Virginia elementary school textbook taught children that thousands of African Americans fought for the South in the Civil War. Yeah. they didn’t. (Washington Post)
  • Big video game case going up against the Supreme Court on free speech. Want games covered by the 1st amendment? Rally on November 2nd (Games Radar)
  • Safeway massacres ginko tree in front of store. Apologizes (City Paper)
  • God DCist is good at weekend event roundups. Want something to do this weekend? Click HERE.
  • So many road closures this weekend. TBD maps them out! (TBD)

(thanks to Alina for the cat city tip!)

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